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We usually collect dues at our meeting in March, but due to COVID 19, AGAIN we must use the mail. I’m still paying to use the clubhouse, pay speakers, and Zoom Workshop Leaders and for Zoom membership itself. So please help keep us able to stay connected and learning. We will in time be able to gather and enjoy the companionship for which our club is so well known. Hopefully by this summer we’ll be able to go out on photo shoots together and exhibit. It’s coming!

Please check your contact information in our membership list that you should have recently received. If you have any corrections, email me separately. Important to keep that up to date. Mobile phone number is helpful for quick notices.

Please make your check ($30- $50 per couple) out to Photography Club of Cape May and send check to:

Dottie Rogers

201 South Broadway

Cape May, NJ 08204

August 20, 2021

I just got a letter from MAC (Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts in Cape May) telling me that The Photography Club of Cape May will receive Cape May MAC's Community Partner Award for 2019. I think it is because we had that exhibit for their Lighthouse Exhibit. (I have to call a certain number to accept and I'll find out the details.) I'm thrilled we got such recognition and it is something to be very proud of. Shows it was successful and made them some money, but we sold things, too. And it shows we serve our community(ies) in positive ways. So pat yourself on the back everyone! I'm really proud of us. I'm flabbergasted to tell the truth.

I will go to the Cape May MAC 50th Anniversary Celebration, Sunday, September 19th, at 3:00pm at the Physic Estate. I will go to receive the Award for the club. I'll find out if the public is invited and let you know. It would be fun for some of us to go, if so. WAHOO!

Frank, maybe you could take a picture!


August 11th, 2021

On Wednesday, August 18th, PCCM MEMBERS are invited to COME TO THE BEACH AND PLAY WITH LIGHT.

We will gather at the beach near the Nunnery, LEHIGH and Beach Ave, at 7:00pm to catch the sunset and glow in bubbles and globes and glass. We'll have several lights and sparklers and bubbles to have fun with. When it is darker we'll bring out the colored battery operated lights. If you have any colored lights, or globes or bubble machine, or sparkly things to experiment with, please bring them. Rain date Mon., August 23rd. This type of photography is a challenge and just plain fun!! Join us!


I’ve arranged a Photo Club Walk with naturalist Kathy Horn, a long time volunteer for CMBO. It is for Monday, September 20th, rain date September 21st. We will meet at 7:30am to maximize what we are able to see. Kathy will decide where we’ll meet and it’ll be related to or because of where the birds seem to be at that time. The group at CMBO feel the second half of September is better timing for migrating birds and with the holiday earlier that worked out well. She knows we are photographers and she’ll help us find what birds are in the area. Lots will be migrating through at that time. She also will tell us about the birds we see, for those of us who are not birders.

Because of COVID, their policy is to limit the number of participants to 15, so I’ll keep a running list of those who want to go with us. More details in September, but save the date and let me know if you are interested. I’ll begin the list of participants today Wed, August 11.


July 27th, 2021

Here’s the list for the Scavenger Hunt. Have fun finding pictures of as many as you can. We’ll share soon….


Bold Color

Someone or Something in Motion

Unique Architecture

Repeating Pattern

Outdoor Artwork

Red Leaf

A Cool Rock


Porch or Tree Swing

Spider or Spider Web

View from Your Window


Something Squishy

Bumper Sticker

Blue House

Something Floating

July 17th, 2021

Just to catch you up to date!

We met at the Clubhouse for our first post COVID meeting FACE TO FACE! and it was wonderful to actually see each other, catch up.

Brigitte Sherman and Ruth Kulisek shared their knowledge of Portrait/People skills. 3 models kept us busy snapping pictures at the clubhouse property and the beach. It was fun and challenging and the models were amazing just adorable and active! Such a fun evening. Thank You Ruthie and Brigitte! You are amazing!



WEDS. JULY 21ST. EARLY MORNING SHOOT AT THE OCEAN CITY VISITOR’S CENTER ROOKERY. 6:30-7:00AM. Suggest bringing long lens, tripod, small stool. That being said, many people are there with none of the above. Binoculars and iPhone. And they are happy. Right now they said 2 chicks were born 5 days ago and I believe I saw a mama sitting on a nest not yet hatched. Most birds there early morning are chicks/young ones waiting to be fed, Mom and Pop busy flying in and out. I’ve never seen so many Ibis’s and Great Whites or Glossy Ibis’s there. I went yesterday and it is a busy, noisy place!

And August 2nd, member Allison Kashon will share her expertise on TOPAZ, which she loves. At the Clubhouse, 1:00pm.

We’re working on a shoot with lights, light painting on the beach for mid August. We’ll see what our experimenting brings. It would be a fun night, colorful, challenging,

and playful. We’ll aim for August 18th at sunset.

I am going to send out a Scavenger Hunt list soon. We’ll plan to show it at the clubhouse at our October 4th Meeting. I think that should be an evening meeting so we’ll say 6:00. Dessert and Scavenger Hunt Shows.

As always, check your email for Dottie's updates and take a look at the Upcoming Events page.


June 20th, 2021

ZOOM MEETNG ON JUNE 6th WITH JOHN TUNNEY WAS GREAT. I'm always sorry when every member can not see our speakers. I try to give a summary but really can't do it justice. John is from the Cape Cod area and specializes in seascapes and related topics. He covered so many areas and he showed so many photos, all seashore theme of one sort or another. We saw his waves, landscapes, lighthouses, birds, jellyfish and so on. He is very creative and his technique, outstanding. He stressed to keep your images simple, that we should master photo stacking, for night skies he recommends PhotoPills App (which we'll learn from Jennifer Khordi), and he demonstrated moving and giggling the camera for different effects. His processing tips were very helpful.

Full house at East Point Lighthouse Star Track and Milkyway Workshop with Jennifer Khordi. We waited patiently and the stars did show up beautifully. So we did "track the stars" with the East Point Lighthouse in the foreground. We left just about 2am. We had a ZOOM meeting to learn specifics and how to process the night's efforts and PhotoPills. Good bunch of photographers for sure. Thanks Jennifer for a fun night!!

May 6th, 2021

Well, folks, another winner last night. Our ZOOM speaker, Lisa Cuchara was excellent. She was fast paced, showed enormous amount of images, super organized, shared lots of ideas and photo suggestions, like taking 2 cameras, limited use of tripod and when used compose your picture before your put your camera on the tripod, when planning a picture look for an image that tells a story. She talked about merging pics/HDR with Photoshop but now Lightroom as well, tone mapping, looking for things out of place or unusual like the Vick's bottle. Taking a magnifying glass, LED light for light painting rusty objects, searching for color/contrasting bits of color, etc.

Our ZOOM speakers have been great this whole year. When you miss one of our ZOOM SPEAKERS YOU MISS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!

We are planning our next in-person meeting at the clubhouse for July, a live photoshoot led by Ruth and Bridget! It will be great to finally get together. We will use both indoor and outdoor space to keep distanced.

Now on to White Hill on May 18. The party is full and we will practice shooting Historic Things and search for Rusty Image Stories. We'll have lunch at Mario and Frank's and share what we got. We'll share photos from the trip with everyone on Zoom on May 26th at 7pm but feel free to share any images on the theme "Rusty or Historic."


April 22nd, 2021

Good morning!

Great ZOOM meeting last night!

A few notes for you to keep close by...

From John Kapusnick:

This is the website for moose peterson. He is a great nature photographer!

We had 21 people in and out of the ZOOM meeting last night and I have to say all shared some of the most wonderful bird and nature images you can imagine. I love to see the creativity and variety and unique style each person displays. It was a “shake my head in amazement” kind of night. I also am amazed at how knowledgeable our members are about wildlife in our area. That’s fun as well. Wonderful to get help identifying what we have seen/captured. Thanks to those who so willingly help others in photography but also ornithology and astronomy. My gosh it’s great!! Thank you, every single one, for sharing and for going out and finding places and things to capture. Thank you John Kapusnick, Alison Kashon, Dennis Abriola, Eloise Boccella, Rob Stambaugh, LuAnn Daniels for sharing wonderful pictures and Jim Brennan and DL for getting things together but having computer problems. We’ll see theirs next time! Great effort, Guys!

Equipment mentioned and worth looking into: Night Light, Black Flashlight, and Better Beamer Flashlight. All help with birding photos

in different lighting situations.


Wednesday, May 5th, Speaker via Zoom. 7:00pm. Lisa Cuchara

Topic: “Creative Fine Arts Photography from Historic Places and Rusty Things

Lisa will discuss the love for RUST and their approach to and experience with photographing historic and abandoned buildings, urban decay, etc. This program will include techniques for wide angle and close-up photography including the use of HDR (high dynamic range), EDR (extended dynamic range), HDR-panoramas, and light painting in this program. Equipment and techniques used to bring out the beauty and drama of these subjects will also be discussed as we show our fascination with RUST. The program is aimed to inspire you: inspire you to visit new "old" places and to get to know them well enough to tell their story, inspire you to capture high dynamic range images and to light paint, and inspire you to create art from decay. Tom and Lisa see the Beauty in Decay and Abandonment. Old, Historic, Grand, Dramatic, Unique -- these characteristics draw us to explore and capture the essence of these rusty, dusty subjects and locations. Urban exploration (UrbEx) is the art of finding and exploring abandoned locations. Not all locations are technically "urban" or even "abandoned". The term abandoned is used VERY loosely. It is not "being abandoned" that attracts us to a place, it is the history, beauty, decay, charm, and architectural details (which contrast so drastically with today’s vanilla architecture). Another definition of UrbEx is the investigation of seldom seen man-made structures, a definition more consistent with our quest, since our subjects may be FAR from abandoned (like the architectural grandeur of bustling Grand Central Terminal or the surprising drama of the [empty] neo-Gothic Eastern State Penitentiary), but these sites count as "unseen" because few people actually stop to appreciate beautiful prison architecture or the jaw-dropping details of Grand Central, a place that they might even rush through twice a day. Google Lisa and Tom Cuchara for more information.

And some of us will go to White Hill Mansion on May 18th. We meet up at 11:00am and may have lunch at a local restaurant afterward

called Mario and Franks. Details closer to that time. We can take 15 people. A couple people can not make it at this time, so if you are interested in going, let me know. The cost is $40. This follows Lisa’s talk on historic and rusty things so nicely.

We have John Tunney lined for June 2nd, from Maine and he’ll talk Seashore Landscape.

And I’m working on a shoot at an Auto Junk Yard near Vineland for our shoot in June. Heard it is great!!

Ruth Kulisek and Brigitte Sherman will do a people shoot with us

Allison Kashon is going to do a night with Topaz.

Fall we'll do some birding.

And on we go. Lots of fun things planned.

Keep getting out in this nice weather and keep taking pictures and keep sharing!


April 13th, 2021

Cameron Darnell was wonderful last night! He is so knowledgable about birds and photography and his presentation was excellent. Our ZOOM Meeting gathered 87-90 different friends from the clubs around South Jersey He shared his own wonderful photos with specific instructions for how to achieve perfect images in various light conditions. He encouraged thinking outside the box and creativity in Bird Photography. Kudos and thank you Cameron and Gary Farber at Hunts Photo for a very exciting program.

I do wish we could have had time after they left to talk about some things he suggested or equipment he used. Suddenly we were done! A surprise to me. Let’s include that in our next ZOOM SHARING NIGHT which will be Wednesday, April 21st. The Theme is NATURE. Landscapes included from our Facebook challenges as well. Think Tulips if you can. The weather is not cooperating, but if you see a window and can, you might think about going to Dalton Farm. I Iearned from my brother the Sunflower Festival is going to be mid August to Mid September this year. We’ll plan a trip then as well.

I’m off to New Mexico for a few days to see my son and family.

Catch you on ZOOM the 21st.


April 2nd, 2021

Really outstanding ZOOM Meeting last night. Those who wanted to shared a picture or 2 and asked a question about it. Got lots of suggestions. We decided it was very worthwhile so we'll do it again. 16 people attended. I am amazed and it does show us our group wants to learn and improve. Thank all who were able to critique gently and/or make a helpful suggestion. Another fun night on ZOOM. Early next week I'll send an invitation to Cameron Darnell's talk which is April 12th at 7:00pm.

The Photography Club of Cape May Board met last week. Following are some notes on what was discussed. Thank those of you who came and participated with ideas and concerns as we inch our way through the pandemic. Hopefully we all will be vaccinated soon and begin to feel comfortable once again doing activities and meeting face to face. It will take time and patience. We’re getting there.

We decided to start using the Club House in July and keep our main meeting of the month on Mondays. The Clubhouse management has told us that we can now have up to 29 people in the room. They clean and sanitize surfaces often and we can keep doors open for ventilation. Daytime works best for warm weather months as we can use outdoor space as much as possible. We will try to have several evening meetings for those who work or can’t make daytime meetings as we move forward.

We will also plan a Zoom Meeting each month to share pictures on a theme/challenge. These Zoom meetings have been very popular and are an ideal way to share images, show techniques and ask questions. They also enable us to have excellent speakers who may not be able to travel to us. Plus the chatting and laughing are a lot of fun!

We finally have the long ago postponed White Hill Mansion excursion planned for May. About 12 are going to that. Possible lunch afterward.

A field trip or small groups may venture to the Tulip Festival at Dalton Farm in mid April. Dates to be announced as soon as they announce it’s open. Same place that had the sunflowers last summer. Beautiful photo op and only about an hour’s drive from Cape May.

We will try to plan a Photo Shoot or Photo Walk each month as well. Suggestions for outings were:

Birding walk with guide in Sept or October

Werner and a Night Steel Wool Burn also in the Fall

Ruth and Brigitte outdoors for a “People Shoot”

Tuckahoe Train Car Field Trip

Shells and Sea Glass on the Beach

Moon or Star Gazing Shoot

Jim Brennan will contact friend and encourage him to share his striking Black and White work with us.

So please make your suggestions for speakers, shoots or other activities known as we slowly start moving back into the real world.

Get out and shoot some Spring flowers!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays,


March 4th, 2021

Hello Friends!

Gary Friedman shared lots of information on Wireless Flash with us last night and sent a followup packet of information for all to read and digest. No question, off camera lighting makes a huge difference in quality and variety of mood to any picture, especially but not only portraits. Detailed information is included in the packet. If you didn't get the Wireless Flash Ebook PDF from Gary, email Dottie for the link. Be sure to read it when you can and maybe apply to your photos for our next photo share Zoom meeting. Gary also offered an exclusive club discount to one of his online seminars. Check it out! Thank you, Gary.

On to Our Shoot for this month, March 17th at 7:00pm. The Topic is a followup of Flash, and is “Artificial Light”. The primary light source cannot be natural light. It can be any kind of flash, strobe light, LED, flash lite, ordinary lamp, building lights, light painting, night photography, car lights, light box, flat lightbox-which provides light from underneath, etc. Have fun! See you and your illuminated pictures on the 17th!

On April 12th (because of the Easter Holiday) at 7:00pm, Cameron Darnell will be with us. His Topic: “Creativity in Lighting for Bird Photography”. This is a Hunts' Photo program so should be excellent. A Hunts rep will do an introduction and offer some special deals I believe! Interesting as well.

Cameron’s Bio:

"I enjoy nature, athletics, and music. I got into photography after birding for a while when I saw someone with a lens clicking shots on a bird walk seven or eight years ago. It seemed so fun, so I tried it with a beginner digiscope setup. I was hooked immediately! I love the creative aspect of bird photography, how each viewer sees the scene differently, and can create his or her unique vision of the subject. It’s fulfilling to provide an outlet for visual wildlife conservation as well through my bird photography.”

His talk description:

Birds provide a myriad of opportunities for artistic expression beyond a standard portrait. Whether the photographer utilizes light, negative space or depth of field, capturing a variety of unique compositions can create a visually stunning bird portfolio. In this workshop, Cameron will explain how to create a thoughtful image that tells a bird’s story. He will share descriptions and image examples highlighting various techniques for becoming a more creative bird photographer.

For more information and his Galleries Google Cameron Darnell or or follow him on Instagram- @camerondarnell

Our Sharing Zoom for April 21st at 7:00pm will be “Nature or Live”. Birds, bugs, Bunnies, and maybe Flowers-they’re live?? Be creative!

In the meantime, we're planning for an outdoor shoot at the Dalton Farm for their walking tour of the Tulips in bloom. I will find out when, two weeks before they

will open. It will be a pick your own tulips and strawberries as well event. That is where we enjoyed the acres of Sunflowers. It is BEST WHEN THEY FIRST

OPEN THE FIELDS BECAUSE IT IS PRISTINE. SO WHEN I GET WORD WE’LL PLAN TO GO THE FIRST WEEK. I went back twice to do the sunflowers, so that is fine. But undisturbed is best.

Sun is out. How nice is that! Better catch a shot!


February 20, 2021

Our ZOOM MEETING on Weds. was wonderful. The Theme of the sharing of photos this time was “5 Pictures that Tell a Story” or "One picture that Tells it All.” We had everything from travel times, local walks, kids and Grandkids, even a great gramma touching a itty baby, snowflake and cardinal, umbrella in the rain, clouds, crescent roll eaten by a tiger, etc. What imagination and artistry. This was a challenge because many of us tried to share our own pictures this time, meaning, learn the steps involved and it was not easy. Thanks for your efforts, hope you learned something, and we all did an amazing job! Thank you, John Kapusnick for guiding us along. 15 people shared a story. 15 people! Mary Scarpetta, John Snidenbach, Debra Wallace, Ruth Kulisek, Anne Harlan, LuAnn Daniels, Eloise Boccella, Jimm Ross, Richard Zickerman, Bob Finlay, Dennis Abriola, Kathy Libby, Lucie Seaman (had a techie glitch but tried) and Moi.

Thank you ALL for participating so beautifully. 26 people attended.

Our next Zoom Meeting will be March 1st at 7:00pm. We will have a guest speaker, Gary Friedman, and his topic will be “ Wireless Flash”. He is one of the editors of CameraCraft Magazine, has written many books and ebooks, and is of the philosophy that it is not the expensive equipment we have to buy to get good pictures, it is you the photographer that makes the difference. And just as we put time and effort finding the equipment we need, we should put time and effort in learning our craft. For more information on Gary check out his websites:




Our next Sharing Zoom Meeting will be March 17th, 7:00pm. The Topic will be “Artificial Light”. The primary light source must be artificial, cannot be the sun, moon, stars, sunrise or sunset. Examples include flash, LED light, building lights, light painting, twinkle and fairy lights, still life or macro, etc.

Is anyone interested in sharing a couple pictures with the idea of critiquing and making suggestions for how to tweak it so it is special, or more special. A small group of us might enjoy learning through sharing ideas of processing different things or in composition or new equipment, or problems they are having trying something new. Might be fun. Let me know. We could try the idea March 31st. Let’s call it ArtisticChallenge. If we get 5 or 6 let’s do it every once in a while.

Check out Gray Freidman,

See you Soon


February 4, 2021

Learned a lot at our Zoom Meeting last night. Thanks for your help John Kapusnick, Bob Finlay, Frank Scott, and Leon Wilk, who sent info via email which I passed on about using the Preview app if you have a Mac. Be sure to read it.

We learned how to share our screen and tell our story using Preview for MAC people, sharing from a folder on your desktop, or using Adobe Bridge or Lightroom available for any computer. John recommends renaming the pictures to include a number to keep the order of the images which is so important for telling a story. If you have a problem send them to me and John and I will work it out-try hard anyway.

If anyone needs help let any one of us know. Our next ZOOM will be Visual Story Telling. Tell a Story in 5 pictures or less, 5 minute maximum. Can't wait to share this on February 17th. ZOOM AT 7:00PM.

So get your creative juices going and see you Feb. 17th!

Cape May Magazine is looking for more entries for their annual PhotoContest. It’s for their Spring Issue of the magazine, front cover. Cash prizes. Must be Spring related, vertical portrait framing is best. Check out the announcement in our Facebook Page.

Kathy Libby announced her new website. Check it out here.

Thanks Everybody for all you do to make things fun and interesting!

Here’s a group of us on Zoom! Photo from Dottie.


January 29, 2021

Hello Again. Friends!

Thank all of you who came to the Zoom Meeting Weds. There were 24 of us and it is always fun. We saw OUTSTANDING pictures on the theme "WINTERSCAPES". So many different interpretations. Amazing! And Kudos to those who are learning to share their own pictures. Because of a request to do so, next meeting we’ll take time for THAT, specifically - learning how to share your pictures on ZOOM. Special Thanks to those who showed us lovely winter scenes: LuAnne Daniels, Richard Zickerman, Eloise Boccella, Jimm Ross, Lucie Seaman, Mary Scarpetta, Robert Finlay, Ruth Kulisek, Anne Harlan, Debra Wallace, John Kapusnick, Allison Kashon, Dennis Abriola and Moi. We had snowflakes, Norway mountains, Landscapes from several states, family posing or dashing about in the snow, birds, including a snowy owl from another year. And lots of conversation about them all.

Next time we will discuss our theme for February which is “5 Pictures that Tell a Story” and no more than 5. It can be one or two, but no more than 5. I sent an eBook and a short article for you to read. Linksare on the Upcoming events page. Book Club stuff, but we’ll have fun telling stories. We’ll limit everyone to five minutes for each story. Time wise, that’s good for Zoom. General Photography Questions and Answer time, too. We already have one question on how to share your own pictures in our Zoom Meetings, so we will show you. Probably needed to tell stories so we learn to get the pictures in the right order.

See you soon!


January 14, 2021


We had 26 attend and good questions from the group. Now we need to practice and make a folder of SKIES! We learned to appreciate the word ”Texture" and color grading, raw and maybe Bridge for sharing our pictures in the order we like. Good discussion. Thank you to all who attended. I wish I could pass the information on to those who did not attend, but it was a time when you needed to see what John did that mattered. And he promised to hold an in-person with our laptops meeting when COVID allows us. That would be helpful as well. Thank you, John. IT WAS FUN.

Next month "5 pictures that tell a story". I'll forward you a book to read (quick run through easy) and an article about one picture, one story.

January 11, 2021



This is a reminder that our next Zoom Meeting is Weds., January 13th, at 7:00pm.

There have been lots of changes lately in Lightroom and Photoshop and probably all of our processing software and John Kapusnick will "show some features of camera raw. I will be using photoshop but the camera raw is identical in Lightroom. I will be showing how to change saturation or luminance of a single color rather than globally, some quick shortcuts to start processing your image, tips on improving sharpness, some uses of the adjustment brush to fine tune a photo, and will try to answer any questions. I also plan to show some part of photoshop layers and give an introduction to bridge. Everyone who has the web based Lightroom also has photoshop and bridge. If we all start using bridge, each person will be able to share their photos from their computer, controlling the order and length of time the photo is shown."

And on January 27th we will share pictures. The topic is “WINTERSCAPES”

December 6, 2020

So we had a nice time Wednesday, Dec 2nd at our Zoom Meeting. 20 people came. That’s great! Thanks for coming and thank you to those who participated in our Challenge. It was a hard one. The Topic was “2/ or Double”. I’m going to share a few examples via email and Facebook. Such a creative show, each person with a different twist or style. Generated good questions and answers. A learning experience as well.

First let me tell you what we discussed in the business meeting we always have first, before we share pictures. I’m in the process of lining up Zoom speakers and workshops for at least the first half of 2021. We’ll have a Hunts Photo (not free) talk, I asked for January 13th. And they would like at least 40 (preferably 50 actually) people to attend, so once I know the topic we can get (I chose 3) I’ll invite several clubs. That’s the way we all should be doing this. It’s a game really, this COVID time. Called SURVIVAL. It gets expensive and we need to share. It’s a good thing really. We need stimulation and variety, and Zoom is safe. The problem is not every one likes to Zoom, although I can’t understand that. But we see each other, we share pictures we never have a chance to share with regular meetings, and we have a challenge to produce. I like to get new pictures if I can, some go into their archives. No matter. It is creative, and the questions and chatter are inspiring and a learning experience often. Try it, You might like it!!

Thank you for sharing and commenting on your work John Kapusnick, LuAnne Daniels, Anne Harlan,Richard Zickerman, Mary Scarpetta, Allison Kashon.Jimm Ross, Eloise Boccella, Debra Wallace and Moi.

I’ve also contacted Gary Friedman from California. He’s editor of a new magazine that is not pushing expensive equipment, but the basics of photography. He feels it’s not the equipment that makes good photographs, but knowledge about composition, light, mindset, backstory, emotion, etc. I’m waiting to jell Hunts Photo, then find a date for Gary and his Zoom presentation. I think we need a speaker or workshop, and right now it has to be via Zoom, every other month. We’ll also continue a night of sharing our pictures with a theme. John Kapusnick has agree to share some things he’s learned with the newest version of Photoshop including changing the sky and in Lightroom working with color.

The PCCM Board has suggested several things, including taking our Street Photography to different places. Capturing different cities, and Eloise offered Swarthmore with home base being her condo-when the Covid scare is passed, Winterscapes for January or February, Another Question and Answer Zoom night, Macro without a Macro Lens, Black and White, and Telling a story with 5 pictures-only 5. Someone also suggested a workshop on using the iPhone and Smartphone. We’ve toyed with that for several years and I never thought we had enough users to make it worthwhile or who would listen, but now we’re all using them and it’s time. Remember Tony Sweet wanted to do that long ago.

On December 15th, We’ll have our Last Zoom Meting of 2020 at 7:00pm. The Topic or Theme is “Lights/Light/ Illuminate”

And if the weather looks good we’ll call for a shoot of the lights in Cape May. There’s lots to see and snap.

Be safe, stay warm and keep shooting,


November 21, 2020

So we had another really fantastic Zoom Meeting last Monday night. Everyone found the most exciting and delicious examples of ABANDONED and EMPTY you can imagine. Every person who participated told wonderful stories about each photo. Outstanding Composition, Subject Mater so unusual and beautiful, color, black and white, local, exotic, archived or new, WE NAILED IT! this time folks. Some old structures are absolutely beautiful and intriguing. Wall hangers for sure! The greenery and blue sky, plus mystery of some and some historically significant as well. Thanks everyone who made the effort to share your hidden treasures. Allie and I are going out to hunt a few abandoned type soon. You are welcome to join us.

On to the next Zoom which will be Weds. December 2nd. Topic: “2/Double” Hard to believe it will be December already! I wish we could somehow share the images from Zoom With you on Facebook. Technically not able. Gotta be there to appreciate because the chatter is wonderful as well.

A couple Christmasy type things you might look in to. We always do something together, but this year looks like we can’t

because of the crowds and COVID. But on your own or with a friend look for:

Anyone want to illustrate a Christmas Song and play it at a Zoom Meeting?

You could read the song or play music possibly while your pictures run by….

Cape May NEW THIS YEAR- Photo Op for sure.

A contest for decorations in town.

Best Residence

Best Business

Best Window

Best Olde Fashioned Display.

Judges Choice and Peoples Choice and Prizes

12 Days of Christmas Cape May Walking tour (Self directed)

Looking for symbols that will be announced and placed in December.

The idea is to take a picture of each symbol and place where you find it

Post on Facebook as I understand it, and there will be prizes. I’ll keep you

informed as this develops and is advertised.

Looks like Tree Lighting ceremonies will be held. Outside for the most part. And

limited numbers, so if you see one and want to go, (at the Physic Estate for example)

get you reservations in quickly. Limited space! But the wandering and capturing of

lights and decorations is not limited in any way. Stay masked and safe distanced! Enjoy!


November 9, 2020

We had a great time wandering around Stan Sperlak's farm last week. It's called Crow's Creek Farm. A very large property with many trails, and many sculptures. The landscape itself is a sculpture.

Nine members were there and we agreed it was Covid safe. Lots of room to spread out. And we agreed we'd go back on our own to cover more of the trails.

Pictures will be posted, I'm sure. Many are on Facebook already. I’ll share them in a few days. Thanks for coming everyone. Lovely experience. And so good to see a few familiar faces.

P.S. (It is very hard place to find. GPS was not helpful for most of us. Ask someone who went before you venture there.)


October 29, 2020

Wow, what a wonderful variety of pictures we saw last night in our Zoom Meeting. And we obviously learned a lot from Valerie Jardin's talk on Street Photography. I was amazed to see pictures from New York's Chinatown, West Chester, Whale of a Day in Town Bank, the Cape May Ferry, the Mall in CM and a variety of super well done studies several of other places. People work hard and have fun putting images together. Some old, some new. I'm sorry if you missed it. Next time maybe. Much better than any TV show you would watch at that time. And nice to support members who go to the trouble. We should have 25 people at every Zoom Meeting! You don't have to have an entry, just come and enjoy and learn from what other members have put together. Thank you Anne Harley, Bob Finlay, Eloise Boccella, Jimm Ross, LuAnn Daniels, Rich Zickerman,

John Kapusnick, Moi (and Gail Van Scoyk with a few from afar) for your participating so beautifully!

Next Zoom meeting the theme for our photo share is "Abandoned or Empty." Feel free to interpret any way you like! That's November 11th at 7pm. Also keep an eye on your email for a possible photo walk in the Woodbine/Belleplain Park area to catch the last of the Fall colors.


October 27, 2020

So we had 15 or so at our meeting last Wednesday night. Questions varied greatly.

A discussion on selling art on line brought suggestions like Fine Art America, Personal Websites set up for selling and creating Galleries with the idea of selling your work, Shutterstock, and Smugmug, etc.

Creating your own Website brought questions about the complexity and which program was easier. Smugmug was discussed, pros and cons.

Lots of questions about Photoshop and John Kapusnick has volunteered to present a few basic classes through Zoom that may help. Photoshop Enrichment classes maybe as well for those more advanced. We may run another Lightroom class as well. Bob Finlay offered to do that. Maybe online. Maybe in my dining room. We’ll work on that.

Dottie asked about controlling or working with color in pictures. (when Lightroom or normal controls don’t seem to work.) John suggested color mixer in Lightroom and Photoshop. That led to Bob showing us a Book (Bible) he has by Victoria Bampton- Lightroom Queen! that answers almost all the questions we have about Lightroom. A new version is going to surface soon.

Using NIK software or other plugins for Photoshop or Lightroom to process your pictures brought questions.

Questions on syncing and Photoshop/Lightroom. Bob said pictures need to be in a collection (in Lightroom) to sync. People noticed that being a problem after the latest upgrade for some.

So….We all have questions it would be fun to talk about. Send me any question you personally have and maybe would like an evening devoted to that specific area of Photography. We’ll see what we can do to make that happen.

Next Zoom meeting on Wednesday October 28 at 7pm where we'll be photo sharing our street photography. See you then.


October 6, 2020

Hi All,

Valerie Jardin was great. I was cut off because one administrator is allowed and when she started to talk I disappeared, but found it again on my iPad. Interesting. It was recorded and she sent a link so you can look at it that way or look at it again as many times as you'd like. Her work is great! and we can do this!

Thanks for coming everyone. We had a very good turn out.

There are THREE Zoom meetings scheduled for October. Two are photo shares and the third a Q&A for any and all photography questions you may have. Check our calendar here. Be sure to check your email often for any updates.


June 25, 2020

A Big Hello! to Everyone!

PCCM is going to meet at the Ocean City Rookery Friday, June 26th at 7:30am to shoot the birds and families at the Rookery. That is located at the Visitor’s Center right in the middle of the bridge. The Address is 300 West 9th Street, Ocean City. Be there at 7:30am with any lens that can catch birds nicely, if you have long lenses like 200, 300 or 600mm, bring them but the rookery is quite close to where we stand. Bring a stool as well if you have a small one. There is a rather tall railing to shoot over. This is a breezy, sunny spot, lots of room and lots to see.

So Friday, June 25th, 7:30 at the Ocean City Rookery.

Meanwhile FYI, our Zoom meetings continue. Please join us. The photograhy we are seeing and sharing is wonderful. And we love the variety, the different interpretations of the theme each time. Each person sees the world in a unique way. Amazingly very different from one another.

Next Zoom meeting, July 15th, 7:00pm. Watch your email for the Zoom Invitation. The theme is Nature “Redux” which is a pretty broad area. New photos or something from your archive. No prizes, no judges, just enjoying and learning from each others photographs. Email your photos to Dottie Rogers in advance please.

I’m going to plan a garden walk soon. A shoot of some Cape May yards that will WOW you. Watch for that announcement!


May 19, 2020

I wanted to share a few thoughts about the club as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. I hope you and your families are well and active.

The club is moving along nicely. Thank Goodness for our Facebook Page and our Zoom Meetings. We have been active on Zoom and we are, in fact, having fun.

I think it’s interesting that we feel we are are getting to know each other in a very different way. We show pictures on a theme, but also chat and comment and had Tony Sweet as a speaker, so we are learning and stretching our creativity in different ways as well.

We’ve gotten some new members even now, so welcome and enjoy the comeraderie and please voice your interests and opinions. We value new ideas and enthusiasm new members bring to our group.

Last night at our Zoom Meeting the theme was Flowers with a Tony Sweet Twist.

Next Zoom Meeting, by popular demand is, Wednesday, May 27th, 7:00pm. Topic: Things that Move YOU.

Stay safe and we'll see you then,


May 6, 2020

Hope you and your loved ones are well and bearing up with the isolation. We've had three online meetings via Zoom since the corona virus has kept us home and they have been great fun! We've shared and enjoyed each others' photos and Rob Stambaugh gave a wonderful presentation on how he gets his amazing bird photos. Rob has shared his Powerpoint slides with the club so check your email for the pdf file. Lots of great info there and some beautiful photos from all over the world. Thanks Rob!

Very Exciting news for Photography Club of Cape May!

I have scheduled Tony Sweet to be with our club on Monday, May 11th at 6:30pm via Zoom. The topic will be Flower Photography and Close Up Artistry. This is a 90 minute workshop (plus or minus a few minutes because there will be time for questions) Dues Paying Members will get a Zoom Invitation to join. We are limited to 50 people. So mark your calendars. Tony is always entertaining, so skilled as an educator, his images blow us away, and he’s eager to share.

PS for newbies-if you are not familiar with Tony Sweet, Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, go to his website or just Google Tony Sweet.

(Please be sure your dues are paid for 2020. We need your support and we do a lot of good things as a club. And we want you to benefit from meetings like this!)

If you have any ideas for more online meetings or themes for photo sharing Speak Up! Smaller groups on specific topics or special interests would also be be great online.

Stay safe and keep shooting!


April 9, 2020

During the time the club cannot get together face to face because of the necessity for social distancing, we will be launching a series of Zoom Meetings online. You can join in using your computer, iPad, or smartphone. The software is free and pretty simple to use. Check the Zoom website for more information.

Each Weds evening at 7:00pm we will connect on and show pictures having a different theme each time. We may try other kinds of meetings like discussing something related to photography or having a speaker or demonstration or challenge. This concept of online meetings is new to most of us and quickly evolving. We’ve done very well so far but as we get better perhaps we'll come up more ideas. Hopefully the pandemic will not last long! Meanwhile it is a good way to keep our spirits up, keep our creative juices moving and interact with our photography friends.

Here's a photo of how we looked in our first Zoom online meeting.

All Dues Paying Members of the Photography Club of Cape May will receive an invitation to join the meetings via email. Within the email just click the URL Zoom link which automatically connects and enables you to participate. Watch your email for announcements of the topics for each week and hop on board! Here's the next one:

Zoom Meeting Weds. April 15, 7:00pm

Will Show and Discuss Pictures Provided by PCCM Members

Topic: “Even COVID19 Can’t Stop Spring”

All DPM Invited to attend

So go dig out or make a few new photos and email them to Dottie for the next the next meeting.

Stay safe, be well and take care,


March 16, 2020

Dear Members….

The Board has been communicating this week and we feel the following changes in our schedule are needed at this time. Please absorb the following changes in our 2020 activity schedule. We will reschedule after things seem under control

The Shoot at Cape Winds Flower Shop on Wednesday, March 18th is cancelled. We will reschedule maybe this summer with an outdoor event we talked about. Tom Dolan suggested we get/buy a flower and take pictures ourselves and post themon our Facebook Page. Challenge #1.

The March meeting with Speaker Kenneth Holding on April 6th is cancelled. We will reschedule his visit. Date TBA

Field Trip to Holland Ridge Farm cancelled. That Event may itself be cancelled. It gathers thousands of people on weekends.

And I think I’ll cancel the May 4th Meeting with David Luria from Washington, DC. (and his shoot the next morning at Congress Hall)

He has been in contact and seems concerned and I don’t think our usual number of members will attend. He’s a big name and cancelling his own events. I don’t believe Congress Hall will want us wandering around their social spaces taking pictures. I will reschedule his visit, probably for this time next year if I can.

If things seem better under control by May I have an idea for a local workshop leader.





March 3, 2020

Kevin Karlson demonstrating how to hold and move the camera when taking birds in flight.

His talk was super and major informative. Good crowd on hand to enjoy the presentation and the gentle critique hour went very well. He’s offered to come back to just do a critique session. We all learned so much, we’ll definitely find a day for that! In fact, Kevin asks that you email him 3 or 4 before and after photos so he has some lead time to review and process them. Email full sized JPEG's directly to Kevin Karlson. Simply rename them as "before" & "after" and attach the photos to your email Mention PCCM in the subject line. Thank you, Kevin! After the mixup we appreciated your effort and information twice as much!!

• Flyer for SJ Photo Clubs Exhibit at Riverfront Renaissance in Millville, as discussed yesterday. We decided we must have some entries and do our part as one of the clubs invited to participate. Please read this carefully and think about it. Any questions, please ask Dottie and we will help you find the answers. We can take entries by carpool.

Image may contain: camera

• MARCH 18TH. MACRO SHOOT AT CAPE WINDS FLORIST, 860 Broadway, Cape May. Must register! (Contact me, Dottie Rogers as we’re counting and limiting the number. We can take 20). $5 donation, please. The following are on the list as of March 2: Anne Harlan, Howard and Amanda McClain, Kathy Libby, John Snidenbach, Gary Pitel, Martie Grubb, Phyllis Graham, Melissa Bailey, Tom and Cass Dolan, Gail Van Scoyk, Bob Finlay and Dottie Rogers.

Field Trip to Holland Ridge Farm Tulip Festival in mid April. Located in Cream Ridge, NJ. Click the link for videos and more information. The date for our field trip depends on when the festival will begin. A week day is definite. Date for Festival is weather dependent. I’ll blast out our date choice as soon as it's confirmed and we'll coordinate carpools. There is a $6-7 entry fee.

• Ruth Kulisek shared some details on the workshop she and Bridgette Sherman will be doing for the club on August 3rd. It will be at the clubhouse. They will show us how they photograph people, both portraits and groups. They will have lighting set up and are even bringing some models along. This is an active participant event so bring your camera and a smile! You can bring your flash if you wish.

The new camera Frank Nave brought in to show us is the SONY RX10 Mark IV, 24 frames per second, very light weight, 24-600mm zoom.

• Tom Dolan has been trying out Helicon Focus focus stacking software and is pleased with his results. A 30-day fully functional trial is available at the website.

Ralph Cooper mentioned the 3rd annual Tuckahoe Transportation Heritage Festival is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, from 10am-4:00pm at the Tuckahoe Train Station. Google Tuckahoe Heritage Train Festival for all the details. A colorful event, full of activities and good food. Fun for the family and plenty of unique opportunities for photographers. Ralph also mentioned a Coast Guard event open to the public this spring but didn’t have a date. Anyone with more info on that please post on Facebook.

PLEASE GET YOUR DUES IN FOR 2020. Due now. Thanks so much! $30 PER PERSON. $50 PER COUPLE. A BARGAIN! We do a lot and it all costs the club something! Make checks out to PCCM and send to them to me. (201 South Broadway, Cape May, 08204)

• As always, check back here on the PCCM website for details and changes as they evolve.

👍 Dottie

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day 💝

We had a good crowd at our Workshop “Just Dew it! and Bubbles Mania!” and everybody worked hard to try all stations. I don’t think anybody tried to get a planet with a big bubble, but we had some success at most stations.

We tried, dew drops on string, on living things like flowers and leaves, bubbles and placing things under and behind big bubbles, refraction through solid globes and dew drops, marbles, oil and water, water and colored oil drops, nice colored backgrounds and base, etc. Some pictures posted on Facebook.

Just for your future use and fun, the recipes for the solutions we used are:

Bubbles solution- 2T dish soap Best let it stand over night

1T Glycerine

1/2 cup water

Dew Drop Solution-3 parts water, 1 part Glycerine

Dates to put on your Calendar:

March 2nd, 1pm-5pm, at the clubhouse - Kevin T. Karlson, Nature Photography Workshop and critique session. This is Kevin at his best and gentle self. More details here.

March 18th, 6:00pm - Cape Winds Florist, 860 Broadway, West Cape May - Flowers Close-Up. Make and shoot your own arrangements. $5.00 fee towards the flowers we use.

And PLEASE make sure your dues are up to date.

March meeting is the deadline.



January 8, 2020

Happy 2020 Everyone!🌈

We have lots planned for the new year. So mark your calendars and join us! Please check the Upcoming Events page for the latest on the new year. Mark you calendars now!

Our meeting Monday, January 6th, was very informative and we had lots to see with hands on time as well. Thank you Bart Feldman for sharing your equipment and knowledge with us. His topic: Lenses and Latest Trends in Equipment. It was such fun to see all the lenses and learn about what is coming with various camera systems. Bart is an owner of the T&F Camera Shop and a working professional so he has first hand knowledge and experience that is rare and helpful. I did not know that the companies themselves set the prices for everything. So B&H and T&F offer same. Nice we have a couple people we can talk to and get advice from close by. Camera Shops are few and far between now. Thanks for coming Bart. It was fun and we learned a lot!

This year, 2020, I’m going to try to have a Board Meeting before every small group meeting at 5:00pm and we’ll have pizza or hoagies or something. First Board Meeting is on Jan 15th. We’re so diversified now we need to collectively get things done and I need help with ideas and planning and sometimes equipment. Thanks, everyone!!
Mike Hannisian is offering Photography workshops running several Saturdays in a row. Only $25 each session. You can go to all or one. I’ll try to send you that information…. They are basic but well done. And our group has all levels of ability. Think about it. Watch for the flyer. I came home without mine…...
Anyone interested in Lightroom or processing get togethers? I will arrange if we get a few who are interested.
Please send me information you think you want to share, requests for programming, names of possible speakers and workshops.
Time of year to PAY DUES. $30 per person, $50 for a couple. We’ll be collecting at each meeting now until thru the March 2nd meeting. Please take time to check your information on our members list you all have. Make sure there are no corrections or additions. Super important. Bring to a meeting or mail to Dottie Rogers, 201 South Broadway, Cape May, NJ 08204. Make checks payable to PCCM. Thanks Everyone!!


November 11, 2019

Hello and Happy Holiday Season!

Notes from our November meeting.

FYI: Each month after each meeting I try to pass on important announcements and dates I’d like you to be aware of, maybe put on your calendar, keep handy. More than half our club is not on Facebook and less than half get to each meeting, so I need to be sure everybody keeps up to date with plans and happenings. I keep a folder on my desktop called “Odds and Ends I want to keep Handy” and I drop this note in. Then all our Club events are “Handy”. If you are not in the habit of doing that, remember Bob Finlay keeps our Website up to date and you can check there any time if you have need to recall when something is happening. Or email me with questions. Feel free to check. We are busy!

November Club Workshop was chuck full of information on printing and paper. Ed Russell, with Cindy Russell helping, showed example after example of prints on different papers and talked in depth about his favorite methods and materials. He favors matt papers because of the soft clarity and depth of color, and non glare behind glass appearance. Thank you both for sharing your expertise and experience with us, Ed! Beautiful prints and lush colors in all!

The Exhibit at the Carriage House is now down. Many members took their pictures home after the meeting. Others are at my house to be retrieved ASAP. They’ll make beautiful Christmas presents! We sold 25 or so. I don’t have the final report yet, but a couple people sold 4. some sold 2 or 3 and the big ones went. I was surprised, but it’s true. When I find out exactly what sold, we'll analyze it and plan around what we know. Thank you all for your efforts. MAC was pleased!

I am now collecting miniatures for the Christmas Exhibit. They’re fun and cute. I/2 dozen people have brought me some. I’ll deliver tomorrow (Tuesday).

Our next Meeting is Wednesday, December 4th at 5:00pm at the Clubhouse. It is our Pot Luck dinner and Members Showcase. Club will supply baked ham and coffee and tea. Otherwise it is BYOB. Bring your spouse or significant other and join the fun. We are asking members to make a slideshow on any topic, with music or without, 2 to 8 minutes long, put them on a thumb drive. If you need help making a slideshow, give a yell and we’ll help you. Bill Riches will help you with music. Please bring them to my house and put them in my mail slot-my front door if I’m not home, or take them to Bill Riches’ house (2 Springers Road, CMCH-easy to find), or if you can’t get them to us early, bring them to the meeting. Bill will have it set up to play smoothly.This is fun and everybody should learn to make a slideshow. You will use that skill and love it forever.

A brief outline of 2020 programs was presented. Lots to look forward to, lots to participate in.

Please keep these “Handy” for reference and check the website.

Keep Shooting! Keep dropping photos off on our Facebook page!

Challenge to all. Post one photo at least on Facebook each month.


October 9, 2019

Hi Photo Friends.

A few things you need to know from our meeting Monday.

"MilkyWay Mike" Blew us away Monday. His images were wonderful! He showed us pictures from many well known dark spots all over the US where

he could get amazing landscape and surroundings. He detailed how he manages to capture the stars and milky way, and talked about

stacking and blending his images, post processing as well. He shared his equipment and techniques. And stressed going out in the daylight to plan

great shots and find foreground details that make his images spectacular. Excellent presentation! Thank you Michael Ver Sprill for your sharing your

expertise with us. Kudos!! to you and for learning so much so fast. Down by the bunker is the best place around here he says to find the Milky Way-in

case you want to try!

Check out his website for tutorials, videos, Galleries, etc. Well worth a little attention to absorb more ways to “Master the Lights of the Night Sky”.

Next meeting is November 4th. By request we are going to talk about printing pictures and what paper is best—to get the print you want. Ed Russel, Dennis Abriola

and John Kapusnick will share their expertise with us and we will have time for questions. You will hear about and see many samples. And we’ll see I hope, images

printed on some new things like metal.

After the meeting Frank Nave will answer questions and help those who have questions about his "Digital Watercolor Painting. Bring your computer if you want and

take some time to refine your skills with digital watercolor painting. Again, time to ask Frank questions has been requested. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Heads Up! The December meeting of the Photography Club is changed to Wednesday Evening December 4th. We meet at 5:00pm for a Pot Luck Dinner then run

our Members' Showcase. For those who are newish, this is an opportunity for you to put together a 6 to 8 minute slideshow, any topic, with music if you wish and

share it with the group. We ask you to get them to Bill Riches or me a week before so he can put them together and help you with music if you like.Thanksgiving weekend

is looming, so I’ll collect any time in November. This is a fun evening and you will be blown away with the slideshows you see. We like at least 12, so please get your

creative juices going and because of the holiday season, you need to get started now! If you want to learn how to make a slideshow, we have time in November to do that.

We can run a workshop. Let me know if you want to do that. Knowing how to make a slideshow is an essential Life Skill!! I think. You’ll do it again and again. Anyway, take

time to learn! It’s so fun!

We never ask for specific things for our dinner. I bake a ham and the club provides coffee and tea, and it’s BYOB. The dinner is always wonderful, and the slideshows

outstanding and funny, some heart tugging. Please make an effort to participate!

I’m planning the Exhibit season for 2020 at the Presbyterian Church. Let me know if you-Solo or 2 or 3 of you are interested in having an Exhibit there. And We will discuss at

our next meeting if you want the club to pursue an exhibit at the Mad Batter. Gets busy. Think about it. I have to ask a good year ahead for the Mad Batter space. And I

cannot handle it alone. Commitment means some level of help from members. We may all be too busy….Voice your opinion. I voiced mine. I cannot do it alone.


The club has been asked if they might be or individuals might be interested in participating in a weekend show at Fishing Creek Museum, for the benefit of that museum.

They keep 20% of the asking price. This would be a juried show, so items would be brought in Thursday, and those chosen/accepted would have an “Opening” social Friday.

Then on Saturday the show would be open 10 to 4 and Sunday open 10 to 2. Is there any interest in this kind of thing at all? Wht time of year is best to try this? It is definitely

wonderful to be considered and consulted about things like this and to be included in the Physick Estate events. Its a huge compliment and humble pat on the back.

Dates to Remember

I talked to Mary Stewart who is in charge of the Physick Estate Exhibits and she said they would take down the present lighthouse show November 4th and gather the

miniatures the following week. So I will get them in the morning and you can retrieve yours at our meeting, November 4th or at my house the next couple days. At the same

time you can drop off your miniatures for the next exhibit. That exhibit will remain up through the Christmas season and be disassembled after the new year. Miniatures

mean 4x6 or 5x7 photos framed- I’m suggesting cute frames, many miniatures are in fancier frames than usual. We’ll need a lot of them I believe. Long season and

people tend to buy at Christmas time, and they will be small and they will be less expensive so tourists can take them home easily . Again, the Physick Estate takes a bit.

I’ll have a report of how we did sales wise this summer at the next meeting. I have no idea overall, but Mary seemed very pleased. I know Werner sold one last weekend.

Penny Pagano the weekend before, I believe.

I’m hard at work getting programs and speakers for 2020. I’m very excited with January through June plans. Working on Fall now. If you have any suggestions or places

we can go for our photo shoots, please let me know. Or if you want to do a workshop-bravo!! Our club has so much talent, humble, quiet amazing talent. We need to utilize that

And enjoy it.

Oh, and for heaven's sake, I almost forgot to tell you -WE HAVE A NEW PROJECTOR!! Member, Bill Riches, got us a really good quality projector, very much like our old one,

but a couple steps up, and it is much sharper and brighter. It was obvious when we saw the pictures Mike Ver Sprill showed in daylight. I actually tried to get him to come at

night because I thought his night scenes would project better. (He couldn’t) But it was fine with the new projector. So we will continue to have 50/50’s for a few months to alleviate

the cost. I actually borrowed Bill Riches’ projector 3 times for meetings and would have had to for this meeting, so we searched and I am thrilled. I had to run up and get his projector

each time and then take it back. It was ridiculous. We are a photography club for heaven's sake, so it is the right thing to do and we are still financially OK. (We got a $1200 machine

for about $950 thanks to Bill.)

Waiting for a date when Werner Tedesco will take us out “Light Painting!” Watch for a bulletin. Want clear weather and little wind.

Fall colors coming.

Call the hot line for beautiful spots or great colors so others can find them.

I’ve been watching for Monarchs. Nothing spectacular. I’m watching….


September 13th, 2019

Greetings Friends!

The Meeting of the Photo Club Monday Night was great fun. Meeting at a different place always is a bit disconcerting, but the Lutheran Church is a great venue, screen already in place, plenty of space, nice open kitchen area and plenty of parking. They do not charge us anything and seem glad the space is used by people in the community. So we thank them profusely and periodically give them a donation.

We saw about seven Great Scavenger Hunt Entries and they were entertaining and funny. It took a lot of time to gather the pictures asked for and I know when I sent out the list in May it seemed way too early to think about, but most of us were playing catch up the last week, trying to find an insect that flies flying or cop in uniform to hug or flip flops in the sand. 3 people found every single item and were rewarded for their effort with a small prize. All who entered got a Hershey’s candy bar at least. We decided we need some practice to do a Tony Sweet Swipe. We’ll work on that.

The Meerwald Evening Sail on Sunday, September 22, is approaching fast. We have a full ship (41) and a waiting list. For those on the waiting list, I will call you if a space opens up. Things happen that make it impossible to attend. I’ll let you know asap. The address given is 1200 Lincoln Blvd., Cape May Ferry Terminal. We are asked to be there at 4:00 to 4:15pm and we sail at 5:00pm The Captain will let us board and we can bring something to eat and drink, wine and cheese is fine. No hard liquor though. We sail unless the weather is rainy. Because of our cameras we have a 24 hour window to postpone. We’ll get hard copy tickets in that case and will reschedule. But we plan a lovely September evening! This will be lots of fun and with a full ship a wonderful social event for the club.

Next meeting is October 7th, 1:00pm at the Clubhouse. Michael Overspill will be with us, known as “Milky Way Mike” and topic “Mastering the Lights of the Night Sky.” His work has been shown in a National Geograohic artlcle, Weather and Stargazer Magazine, NJ Travel Magazine Cover in 2014 and 2016, etc. Google him to see his fine art photos as well as lovely and exciting images of the night sky.

November will bring information on printing pictures for sale or for your own use as well. We’ve had lots of questions about what paper is best and the answer is, it varies. You will go away with lots of ideas. Member Ed Russell, who has printed his own pictures for many years will show us a number of options and have some examples to pass around. Member Dennis Abriola who prints his own pictures as well, will talk to us about Matt paper and why he likes that. Member John Kapusnik who prints his own, will talk about his choices as well. I’m going to ask someone who printed on metal and on glass to share their thoughts. It will be helpful and interesting and you will have much to think about when you leave. If you have printed a picture on something different from the norm please bring it and share what you learned or like with the group.

After working to fix our old one for months!! we have decided we need a new projector. We’ll be working to accumulate enough money in the treasury to buy a good one, one that will project pictures well, will be sturdy and will last a long time. Someone suggested we have a 50/50 raffle each meeting this Fall. So we did this meeting and the club made $52 and Eloise Boccella won $52. It was fun and that’s a good start! So be prepared to buy a few tickets at the next meeting and see if you are the lucky one to win the 50/50. Cost 2 tickets for $3.00, 4 tickets for $5.00. Thanks everybody for helping us out!

Frank Nave has agreed to have a small group meeting (at my house) to help some members with his Digital Watercolor Painting Technique. Let me know if you are interested. We’ll start with a group of 6. He’ll let me know a date soon. And I’ll pass that on.

We’ve been asked by MAC to gather together miniatures for the Christmas Season. They will be for sale as the Lighthouse pictures were. Miniature we are defining as 4x6 pictures in a cute frame, or 5x7 in a cute frame. The theme is Christmas in Cape May. They will f