We will continue to use the mail for 2023 dues collection. We pay to use the clubhouse, the website, paid speakers and Zoom Workshop Leaders and for Zoom membership itself. So please help keep us connected and learning.

Please check your contact information in our membership list so that we can revise and make it available to all members. If you have any corrections, email me separately. Important to keep that up to date. Mobile phone number is helpful for quick notices.

Please make your check ($30- $50 per couple) out to Photography Club of Cape May and send check to:

Dottie Rogers

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March 7, 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

Gotta say, Hazel Meredith showed us lots of ideas for Textures and Composites last night and it left me a bit overwhelmed. What went on in was amazing. Some people like that much editing, some won’t. The process was Photoshop heaven. As someone who does this type thing exclusively, she has built a library of favorite, go-to textures and brushes and often used steps she can whip through which pleases the senses like drinking an expensive glass of wine. Takes a lot of practice and experience! Interesting results to be sure. I just sent you an email that she shared with the group. Many You Tube videos for learning. You can look at here <https://www.youtube.com/@MeredithImages>

Also check Hazel's website for classes, books and workshops as well as textures, brushes and her portfolio. <https://meredithimages.com>

So March will be will continue to be exciting for PCCM. Remember these dates!

We have a Field Trip/Photo Shoot planned for March 21st, rain date March 22nd at 10:00pm. We’ll visit and take a brief tour of newly refurbished Lucy the Elephant in Margate. They’ll include info about the history of Lucy and include things you might not know about her sister version, called "The Light of Asia" that resided in Cape May Point. From what I understand, they really were created to catch people’s attention and draw people to South Jersey to build a home in the area. Tripods are allowed. We’ll plan lunch following at a nice restaurant very close by called Ventura’s Greenhouse. We can walk to that. They can accommodate 48 people on a tour.I asked for 12-15 so we’ll have plenty of room to maneuver and snap what pictures we want inside and out. Cost is $7.00 for PCCM members. Bring a friend or spouse for $8.50.

Reservation needed so I must have a head count. We’ll make a reservation for lunch too. If we don’t get 12 people we’ll cancel. Come and have fun with your photo friends!

Then on March 29th Sharing on ZOOM at 7pm. Topics will be Lucy Photo Shoot and Textures and Composites.

Looking ahead to April, On April 3rd, 7:00pm, our ZOOM presentation will feature Richard Lewis with “Photographing the New Jersey Pinelands, Our Wilderness Next Door”. Richard's book is available at Amazon Our own Frank Scott will lead us on a Photo Shoot in the Pinelands walk later in the month. Date TBA.

I just finished a book, “Wilderness, Gateway to Our Soul", by Scott Stillman. It’s about the need to get out where you can’t hear civilization. This driving need to explore the wilderness, our parks and obscure spaces, to get our head

on straight and appreciate life. And he takes few pictures, just looks and listens

to nature. Saturates himself with beautiful things and sounds. I’m gonna explore more, seriously…(and take pictures🤫)

Flowers are blooming. Take advantage and take lots of pictures!


February 27, 2023

Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry if you missed our last ZOOM meeting. Beautiful pictures from all over the place. Ken lives right on the edge of the wetlands and has Eagles visit every day, Anne was definitely the most creative, and Rob showed us birds from the arctic, Galapagos Island, etc, so he was the farthest away by far. And thank Richard's son for getting him on line. Honestly this was an inspiring night and gorgeous birds and animals were shared. 7-9 filled with challenging ideas and energy. Thanks everyone who came. We were the lucky ones. Thanks for sharing: Rob Stambaugh, Ken Kajkowski, Bob Finlay,Eloise Boccella, Richard Zickerman, Anne Harlan, John Kapusnick, Dennis Abriola and moi. Great evening of camaraderie and sharing of information about photography and birds.

Here is the information on the NO NOISE software Bob Finlay talked about: It’s called No Noise by ON1 software and it can be used as a stand alone app or as a plugin to Photoshop or Lightroom. There are several other apps like Topaz DeNoise and DXO and they all seem to do a very good job removing noise. I think all the software publishers offer free time based trials.


And here is the book we talked about as well. It’s written by our speaker for the month of April. It justcame out this Fall. Remember member Frank Scott is going to take us on a photo Shoot in the Pinelands in April. Which will be really fun.

Photographing the New Jersey Pineland's

This meeting reminded me how lucky we are to be part of PCCM. It was really fun and inspiring.

Next we have a wonderful artist and speaker you won't want to miss. SAVE THE DATE! It’s gonna be a fun, interesting, informative night.

Please join us March 6th, 7:00pm on Zoom

Topic: “Creativity with Textures and Composites

Speaker: Hazel Meredith

"See how you can take a “ho hum” image and make it into your own ‘work of art”. Learn how to work with textures and compositing several images to create your own artistic vision. I will review the basics of textures and how to combine them with photos to create looks from subtle to dramatic. Then I’ll show you how to do a composite of several images and textures to create dramatic original images."


February 7, 2023

Photography Club of Cape May FRIENDS-

Our ZOOM Meeting last night was great! Ray captivated all with his fantastic images and his gutsy ways of captivating birds of all kinds. One thing I especially liked was that he shared the camera settings for all pictures shown and he does that on his website as well. Very helpful. He invited us to visit his Website and ask questions. He shared his expertise and thoughts on Space, Size, Close Angles, Action, Interaction, Take offs and Landings, From a Hide(sitting hidden and waaaaiting), Silhouettes, Backlit, From a Floating Hide(Yikes!), Remote Wide Angles, and Underwater Housing of Equipment(Yikes, Yikes!).

Lots of examples. Lots to digest and message and practice. Thank you Ray for a wonderful hour learning to be Creative while Birding! 27 members attended and asked questions. We're planning a Sharing Zoom toward the end of the month. Theme: Birds and Living Things.

We also had a fun outing at Waldor Orchids in Linwood on January 27th. Lots of beautiful images made and shared on Facebook. Waldor is a large wholesale orchid operation but they do have retail hours on Fridays and Saturdays. A very friendly and helpful owner and staff. It is an amazing operation to wander thru and take photos. Check out their website Waldor Orchids.


January 20, 2023

Our Zoom Meeting last night was excellent! We sure left with lots to think about and Jamie may be the only person I know who always carries a Lensbaby Lens or two whenever she goes out. These lenses are very creative, take some practice, are greatly varied-each one has a specific purpose, and they sure do create lovely not mirror images of what we see and our camera sees. "You need to shift your perspective", Jamie said. She also said, "I photograph what I feel". I love that and Lensbabies help you do it. Thanks for coming everyone! Beautiful images!! 27 attended and If you have questions email her directly and she will help you or answer your questions.

Next Weds. Let me know if anyone is interested in getting together to play with lensbaby lenses.

Friday, January 27th, we go to Waldor Orchid greenhouses. 10:00am -12:00. A good place to have lunch close by. Some of us will plan on it and share pics.

February 6th, ZOOM Creative Bird Photography”, Ray Hennessey, 7:00pm

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m sorry this is so late. I had a super busy Fall with a Wonderful December Wedding, lots of family gatherings because of it, and a Christmas celebration that ended up knocking me flat.

I’m serious. I never get colds, but boy, with little ones in day care and all of them with runny noses, move over COVID, Great Gramma was the target!

So we had a wonderful time at our Christmas party at the clubhouse.
Great dips and desserts! Oh, my. One still warm-just out of the oven. The Scavenger
Hunt was very challenging this year. Kathy Libby's double image was hysterical and
Bob Turner's fun. So interesting to see how everyone interpreted each item on the list.
Loved the idea of the Label page. Never had that before. We all thanked Kathy Libby
profusely for stepping in and showing the slideshows. Saved the day!! Next year
maybe we'll get a speaker to project the music. We keep learning!
Thank all who created a Slideshow-Kathy Libby, Rob Turner, John Kapusnick, LuAnne
Daniels, Richard Zickerman, Debra Wallace, Eloise Boccella, Sue Williamson, Allison Kashon
and Moi. On the 2023!!

So several photo Club things. Please keep you program list for 2023 someplace handy. We have lots of fun things planned and I don’t want you to miss anything.

Our speakers are exciting and varied. Something for everyone, hopefully. Bob Finlay will have all on the Website if you need to check.

If you want another copy of the 2023 programs and activities, let me know!

Right now I’m asking if anyone is interested in learning how to make a slide show with music. Put it on a thumbdrive as well. Remember after our December meeting some felt the need for some instruction. Kathy Libby and John Kapusnick will gladly help, Bob Finlay maybe as well.. We can bring our computers, and some ready

pictures and try it. We should know how to do that for family things anyway. I was struggling and Kathy gave me a couple simple hints and that was it.

Please let me know via email or text if you are interested. We’ll make it happen next week probably!

Yes- for a Workshop on making slideshows with music.


Text 609-408-8812

💥DUES ARE DUE NOW FOR 2023.💥 $30/year individual. $50 for a couple. Please send them to me at

Dottie Rogers, 201 South Broadway, Cape May, NJ 08204

Your support is so important. It allows us to have wonderful speakers, field trips, shoots and programs.

LUCY THE ELEPHANT is open again. I’m going to try to get us a Photo Shoot inside and out. They so wanting

photo groups to appreciate her.

Next meeting is January 18, ZOOM 7:00pm

Our Speaker this month is Jamie Konarski Davidson

Topic ”Getting Creative with Lensbabies”

This has been requested for a while and even if you don’t have one, you will love seeing all these lenses can do, and we’ll practice later together.

Some are easier than others to use. The effects they produce is lovely, unique.

Title:      Getting Creative With Lensbabies


If you want to create images that have a unique and almost magical look, Lensbaby is where you want to engage.Whether you photograph nature, people or places, Lensbaby lenses and optics can help get you out of your creative comfort zone and out of the “technically correct” box to give your images a different look and feel right out of the camera. In this session, Jamie will share how she uses these creative tools to express her vision in ways that standard lenses simply do not. While her passion in subjects include flowers, nature, landscapes, still life and smaller stories, you’ll learn how these same unique tools can be used in other genres. Learn how Lensbaby can push boundaries of interpretation and expression in your own work in a fun and challenging way. If you've never used a Lensbaby, and see the world in less-than-traditional ways, you might be tempted to add one of the "babies" to your bag.

Bio: Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning freelance outdoor & nature photographer with a passion for capturing and sharing the intimate moments and beauty of the natural world on its own and as it blends with the "rest of the world." Her images range from macro and abstracts to intimate, grand and rural landscapes. She connects with all things "old" and finds a special beauty in decay and fading cultural lifestyles that resonate a life of hard work. Jamie is enamored with flowers of all kinds. In fact, if someone told her she could only photograph one subject for the rest of her life, it would be flowers. Her interpretive style reflects that "love" of the blooms along with an intentional approach. Through her company, New Life Photos, Jamie leads photo workshops, teaches and presents at conferences and other events. Her goals as an instructor are to encourage and inspire people to grow in their photography skills and discover their own visual voice.

Jamie doesn’t mention that she is a Lensbaby Ambassador!!

unknown.jpg unknown_1.jpgunknown_2.jpg