Photography Club of Cape May Events for 2019

Updated 05/03/19

Here's the scheduled meeting and event dates for 2019. Small group meetings and shoots will be added as they evolve.

Check back for changes and additions and check the Blog Page for more details.

The 2019 calendar is being planned and is beginning to fill out! If you have ideas or suggestions for activities, speakers or photo shoots for 2019 get them to Dottie soon. We are hoping to have more evening events next year.

Watch for Dottie's HEADS UP! emails and check the Facebook page too.

January 7th, 1:00-3:00 Our speaker is long time friend to the club Eric Weeks, (and probably Karen Michael), who will demonstrate and lead us through the complex world of Commercial Photography. He wanted to do it “on site” so We will meet at Willow Creek Winery, 168 Stevens Road, Cape May at 1:00pm sharp. We’ll get some tapas and their wonderful bottles of wine (with a Rooster) and watch, then try our hand at capturing food in a special way, ie food, colorful wine bottles, wine barrels, shiny bar, fireplace, etc.!

Thanks to Eric and Karen for another wonderful presentation. Thanks to willow Creek Winery for hosting and being so photographic!

January 20th-21st, late-night, There is a full "supermoon" on this night accompanied by an eclipse! Sound like a great photo-op weather permitting. Keep an eye on your email and Facebook for possible meetups.

It was cloudy and very cold but a few brave souls did get an image or two. Kudos to those who did.

February 4th, 6:00pm, Clubhouse

Scott Wheaton workshop
Table top/ Still Life Light Painting

Scott Wheaton wowed us again with his camera skills, PhotoShop wizardry and patient post processing. Then some of us tried our hand at light painting objects or still life's we put together and I must say, it was fun and very different illuminating things in the dark. Even without the post processing we’ll try later, they were beautiful. Thank you, Scott. You enlightened us (oh the pun!) and it was a challenge!

February 20th, 1:00pm, 201 South Broadway, CM

We will have a workshop and play with bottles. I’ll have 6-8 stations set up and 3 to 7 bottles at each place. We’ll try our hand at photograrphing glass. It’s a challenge because of the reflections and streaks of light you capture. You know I have oodles of bottles, lots of different colors, shapes, old, newer, tall, small, plain, some with markings. We’ll start with the bottles I put at each station for an hour. I hope we have a sunny day because I get lots of natural light in my house. But bring your flash or flashlights with you as well and tripods of course.

This was great fun. Dottie has such a great collection of glass and her beautiful home makes a great setting for it all. Thanks Dot!

March 4th, 1:00pm, Clubhouse

Our theme is TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY. Having been to China where I was 1 of 2 who used a camera, everyone else used their phone, I thought it would be interesting to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you travel with. Many of us have traveled the last several years and we’ll have fun exploring new trends. To start things off, I asked my brother, Lew Gayner, from Centreville, MD., to talk to us about his latest trip and show us the camera he is using and swears by for travel now. He has been in photography forever and has traveled everywhere you can imagine. His talk is called: “Around the World in 65 Days” and it is a marathon zoom from New Zealand to Australia, to Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Dubai, etc. 17 flights to make, then find special places they wanted to see on their own. And he’ll talk about the camera he loves for travel. I’d like people who travel to tell us your feelings about carrying our big guns on trips. And I’d love you to meet my brother.

Lew is a delightful guide and a terrific photographer. What an amazing adventure he shared with the club. Thanks so much Lew for spending the afternoon with us!

March 14th, 6:00pm, Dottie’s House, 201 South Broadway, Cape May

Let's Get Started With Lightroom. Bob Finlay will go over some Adobe Lightroom organizing fundamentals and do some basic photo edits. Bring your computer or a few photos on a thumb drive or SD memory card. We'll talk about how to get Lightroom if you don't have it and point you to some references you can explore later. We're keeping the group small to be able to (try to) answer questions and give some hands-on help. So contact Dottie Rogers or Bob if you would like to attend.

April 8th, 6:00pm, Lutheran Church of Cape May, 509 Pittsburg Ave, Cape May, Public invited

Tony Sweet will be with us again. His topic is “Creative Techniques: Thinking outside the Box,” based on his ebook of the same name. Tony is an amazing photographer, teacher and workshop leader. His presentations are always great fun and very motivating. Check out Tony here.

We’re so happy and proud Tony Sweet supports our club and visits. PLAN NOW to come! Put it on your Calendar!

Another wonderful, informative evening with Tony Sweet. I personally thought it was his best ever. So many things we can try and remember we can ask him questions via email. I heard a lot of "He inspired me" and "I'm gonna try that" from members and friends. Thank you Tony! Frank Nave and others sent these pictures to me to be posted. Thank you Frank, and Welcome to the club! By the way, Tony drove over from Maryland for our meeting in the afternoon and left our meeting and drove back home. He fit us in his busy schedule so we are doubly thankful! Imagine he would do that.

May 6th, 9:00am Meet at the Chalfonte Hotel, 301 Howard Street Dues Paying Members Only (We need to keep a manageable group)
Frank will wander through the historic district of Cape May with us all morning. I’m going to make a reservation for lunch at the Mad Batter (inside) or Ugly Mug (outside) according to the weather.

(If you can’t make it right then, we’ll be in that area all morning, maybe the Lighthouse in the afternoon. Call Dottie to find out where we are, but I’ll bet it will be obvious. I’ll keep my cell phone handy 609-408-8812

Frank T Smith will lead us on a Photo Walk through Cape May! Frank calls this "Architecture and Abstract.".

Frank is an Olympus Visionary. He is best know for his travel, landscape, architecture and philanthropic work, and is a world class photojournalist. Those of us who heard Frank’s engaging talk last June were most impressed with his artistry and presentation. He is an experienced photowalk and workshop leader and is excited to visit us again, this time with a more hands-on approach. He will most certainly give us a unique perspective on our home town of Cape May. If you missed Frank’s visit with us last June, I just came upon this recent interview he gave at Adorama Photo in NYC. In it Frank covers some of the information he shared in his Photography Club of Cape May appearance. Frank T Smith Photographer - Inside The Photographers Mind You can also check Frank’s website for more information about his work here: Frank Smith Photography You should plan early to try to make this date! It should be a real treat!

May 15th, 10am-12pm, Philadelphia

Private Walking Tour of Philadelphia Mural Art. We will start at the headquarters, at 128 North Broad Street and park there. It is an easy 2 mile walk and we’ll learn from our guide about the neighborhoods, the history, and the artist(s), and stop at ones we can photograph. We’ll end up for lunch probably at Reading Terminal. Some of us may stay a few hours in the afternoon and explore a bit more. There are 20 spots, the cost is $18 per person. Dues paying members have first choice, then spouses, then we’ll open it up to others if need be. We’ll car pool. This is a go if sunny or even cloudy, but if it rains we’ll postpone. Please email Dottie if you are interested. 9 people signed up at the Feb 4th meeting. Check here for more info about the tour and the murals.

August 5th, 1:00pm, Clubhouse
Speaker: Frank Nave
Topic: “Digital Watercolor Painting”
October 7th, 1:00pm, Clubhouse

Michael Ver Sprill, aka Milky Way Mike, will give a presentation on “Mastering the Lights of Night Sky." Check out Mike and his work here.