Photography Club of Cape May

Events for 2023

Updated November 21st, 2023

Here is what we have planned for the year so far. Small group meetings and shoots may be added as they evolve and as pandemic conditions change. We have scheduled a few of in-person activities at the clubhouse. Naturally, Covid conditions at the time may cause us to reschedule or cancel.

We have scheduled ***ONLINE MEETINGS*** via Zoom every couple of weeks so please keep an eye on your email inbox and bookmark this page to keep up with the latest. We've had some great speakers and photo shares and discussions about locations and photo techniques. We're all getting better at sharing on Zoom but it's not required if you would rather email your photos to John or Dottie in advance. The virtual meetings have been a lot of fun so get your Zoom software up to date and join in.

Speakers and club activities are lined up thru December, 2023. Check back often for recent updates and keep an eye on your email for shout outs from Dottie. Check our Facebook Group too. Check the Club Blog page for more details and changes.

If you have ideas or suggestions for activities, speakers or photo shoots for next year, get them to Dottie Rogers. It's never to early to book speakers and events for 2024

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A reminder to update your contact information and pay 2023 dues. Please make your check ($30 individual, $50 per couple) out to Photography Club of Cape May and send along with any changes in your contact information to:

Dottie Rogers

201 South Broadway

Cape May, NJ 08204

As promised, here is the outline of things we will do this year.

We have a little wiggle room to add special Photo Ops as they occur.

Come along for the ride! We do have fun and learn as we go!

The general plan is to have a Speaker or Workshop each month with a followup/related workshop in person at the club or outside on a shoot, Sharing ZOOMs often, small group workshops on various topics like "How to…”, some Lightroom small group evenings, and some social events like going to the winery and shooting the ripe lovely purple and green grapes on the vine and having something to eat, etc.

January 9th: Time and Location TBD, Workshop “How to make a Slideshow with music"

January 18, ZOOM 7:00pm

Topic: "Getting Creative with Lensbabies"

Speaker: Jamie Konarski Davidson- (Jamie is a Lensbaby Ambassador)

This has been a request. Some members have them and have been frustrated trying to use them.

What they do will be interesting to everyone. Beautiful pictures/Jamie’s best!

January 25th, Workshop 1:00pm: Follow up on using/trying Lensbaby Lenses as requested

January 27th, Photo Shoot, Waldor Orchids, Linwood, NJ 10AM

February 6th, ZOOM 7:00pm

Topic: “Creative Bird Photography”

Speaker: Ray Hennessey

Feb.22 Sharing ZOOM- Theme: Wildlife

March 6th, ZOOM 7:00pm

Topic: “Creativity with Textures and Composites”

Speaker: Hazel Meredith

March 21st, rain date March 22nd at 10:00am

Field Trip/Photo Shoot

Lucy the Elephant in Margate.

Tour will include info about the history of Lucy and include things you might not know about her and her sister version, called "The Light of Asia" that resided in Cape May Point. From what I understand, they really were created to catch people’s attention and draw people to South Jersey to build a home in the area. Tripods are allowed. We’ll plan lunch following at a nice restaurant very close by called Ventura’s Greenhouse. We can walk to that. They can accommodate 48 people on a tour. I asked for12-15 so we’ll have plenty of room to maneuver and snap pictures we want inside and out. Cost is $7.00 for Photography Club of Cape May members, pay when you get there. Bring a friend or spouse for $8.50. Reservation needed. I need a head count. We’ll make a reservation for lunch too. If we don’t get 12 people we’ll cancel.

March 29 Sharing Zoom, 7:00pm, Textures and Lucy the Elephant or whatever you like

April 3rd, ZOOM 7:00pm

Topic: "Photographing the New Jersey Pinelands, Our Wilderness Next Door”

Speaker: Richard Lewis Photographing the New Jersey Pinelands

April 18th (Rain Date April 19th), 10am-3pm Field Trip: Frank Scott will take us places in the Pinelands we can photograph. Exact locations will be announced soon but they will be accessible by car so no long hikes required. Lunch will be provided by the club. Reach out for carpooling if you need to. Reservations are required so RSVP to Dottie Rogers as soon as possible.

May 3rd (rain date May 4th) Ocean City Rookery 7:00am

We’ll check out the activity and see which birds are courting and nesting. Meet at the Ocean City Visitors Center on the right lane of the Bridge.

May 8th, 7:00PM, Zoom



Friday, June 9th at 7:00/7:30am, Because the babies are popping around and nests full of eggs at the Rookery, we planned to go see what is there early June. Let's’ meet at the Ocean City Rookery Friday, June 9th at 7:00/7:30am. I’m going to bring my longest lens because I want some close ups of the nests, but it is so close, anything goes. So many of you have not done this yet, seen it, you really should try to make it at least once. This is very special. I meet well known photographers there all the time. We can do breakfast if anyone wants to. The OC rookery is at the OC visitors center on the 9th St bridge going into OC from Somers Point.

Postponed until Fall June 21st. Rain date June 22, Photo shoot at T&F Photo in Vineland.

Read the Blog page for details here.

June 26th, ZOOM 7:00pm

Topic: "In Depth Intentional Motion"

Speaker: John Tunney

July 18th, (rain date July 19th), Time 10:00AM, Meetup at the pavilion adjacent to the CM Lighthouse parking lot.

John Kapusnick will give a brief talk and review "Shooting with your smartphone camera," followed by a photowalk near the CM Lighthouse and Nature Center. We will follow up with a sharing ZOOM meeting on another date with gentle critique and discussion of our results.

August 7th, ZOOM, 7pm

Speaker: Padma Inguva

Topics: “Seascapes Intensive”

Follow up Seascapes Photo Shoots:
Aug 16 (rain date 17th) Alexander Avenue, Cape May Point- Sunset
Aug 24th (rain date 25th) Avalon Pier- Sunrise
Details and directions closer to the date.

September 14th, 5-7pm

Sunset Cruise on the Skimmer, Reserve your place with Dottie ASAP

Gathering at one of our Wineries-for photographing and socializing

Weds, September 20th, 10:00am

Dalton Flower Farm Photo Shoot, Lunch nearby afterward if you like

October 2nd, ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Mike Moats

“Is Your Photography Boring? Let me Help.”

Mike Moats Tiny Landscapes

October 23rd, 10:00am, Field Trip to Lee Brothers Cranberry Farm

Must register via email to Dottie. 9 spots left as of 10/3. Free!

Sharing ZOOM meeting Date and Time TBA after field trip. Share flower and cranberry trip photos.

November 6th, ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Judy Hancock Holland

Topic: “Minimalism”

Nov. 15 Workshop: Start at the Clubhouse-Try Minimalism

Nov 27 ZOOM Sharing: Minimalism

December 4th, Clubhouse, 4:00pm

Christmas Party hosted by Dottie Rogers. RSVP

Evening photowalk thru Cape May for those who would care to, weather permitting.

Annual Christmas Shoot Date December 11 or 13, 4:30pm

Things we said we wanted to try or try again or continue:

As the year progresses we’ll see if we can fit some of these activities in.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Field Trip to Chantilly Garden

Field trip to Longwood Gardens

Field Trip to Grounds for Sculpture Daytime/ or Night and Infinite Wave (Lights and Music)-$15 for seniors

Fieldtrip/shoot Lucy the Elephant- may be open Spring

April- Trip to Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Festival-2 1/2 hours.

Batsto Village

Members activity/talk/workshop- topics: like making a Slideshow/Slidshow with music

Lightroom workshops