Upcoming Events for 2018

Updated 6/06/18

Here's the scheduled meeting and event dates for the year. Small group meetings and shoots will be added as they evolve.

Check back for changes and additions and check the Blog Page for more details.

Watch for Dottie's HEADS UP! emails and check the Facebook page too.

Tentative List of 2018 Speakers and Activities January through the summer:

Shoots, small group meetings, and workshops will be added as we wander through a new year together. Your input is welcome.

January 8, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, “Macro Focus Stacking” with Scott Wheaton We’ve had Macro workshops several winters, but Scott will take us steps beyond just snapping a photo. See what he does to make each image spectacular. He’ll ask several members to bring a macro lens, take some shots, and he’ll process these photos as well. Scott Wheaton on Flickr

Thanks to Scott for another great workshop! Many of us went straight home to try this great technique.

Note Date Change - January 10th 12th, 12:00pm "Dine and Discuss!” Ham and Bean Soup for lunch (made from the ham we had at the Dec meeting-and frozen) Let’s discuss small group, workshop, and shoot ideas and how to meet the needs of our talented, enthusiastic, varied interests and membership needs. 201 South Broadway, CM.
January 17, 1:00pm, 201 South Broadway, CM. Small Group Macro Shoot, Topic: “Fruits and Vegetables" Please RSVP to Dot Rogers soon.

Heads Up! Macro Workshop! Reminder: we have a small group meeting at my house Weds. January 17th at 1:00pm. 201 South Broadway, Cape May. Macro/Closeups. Should be fun. We'll be working with Fruits and Vegetables this time. Please let me know if you will attend. (dottierogers2@gmail.com) I'd like at least 8 to come. You don't have to have a macro lens to attend. If you're new to this any camera any kit lens will do. A tripod is a big help. I'm going to search for beautiful things with nice colors. I'll have the backdrops ready and some lighting and we'll spread out in several rooms. I'm hoping for nice natural lighting as well. Join this relaxed fun and learn things!

This was a great afternoon of shooting and sharing!

January 18, 6:30pm, We’ve been invited by the Stay Focused Photo Club (Thanks Anne Harlan!) to a presentation they are giving at the Forsythe NWR Visitors Center entitled “Photographing Forsythe.” A panel will discuss the hows, whens, wheres and whats of capturing that beautiful area. For all levels of ability. It is at the Visitor Center Auditorium, 800 Great Creek Road, Oceanville. There’s no charge.

A very informative discussion in the brand new wing of the Visitors' Center. PCCM was well represented too!

February 5, NOTE TIME CHANGE 12:00pm, Clubhouse, Jamie Konarski Davidson New Life Photos Title: “Subject to Interpretation” Jamie says "As photographers and observers of life and the world around us, we all see and notice different things. We each have different impressions of subjects because of our life experiences as well as our knowledge of the tools we have available to us and our vision. When we make an image, we are putting in "the box" what speaks to us most clearly and loudly through our eyes, mind and heart. Everything, yes, everything, is subject to interpretation. In this program Jamie will share her vision and ways to grow and develop awareness and confidence in our individual ways of interpreting the world around us. She'll also provide some ideas on how to focus and be more intentional in the image-making process.”

Thank you Jamie for trekking all the way from North Carolina to visit us! Your presentation was inspiring and your photographs are beautiful.

February 7th, 6-8pm
We'll be kicking off what hopefully will be an ongoing series of small group discussions focusing on using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. This session will focus on basic Library functions necessary to getting started with the software. This initial group is full but we'll repeat if there is interest. Contact Dottie (or Bob) to sign up.

We had a very busy and hopefully productive first small group last night. Please let Dottie or Bob know if you want help getting started with Lightroom and we'll get another group together very soon!

February 27th, Tuesday, 6-8pm, West Cape May, Cape Winds Florist, Photo shoot at this great flower shop with all the flower stock and decorations available to us!

This was a very fun outing! Thanks to the owner Debby who gave us access to all the beautiful flowers and props. Here's a a few photos posted on Facebook.

March 5th, 6:30pm, Clubhouse, Annual Dues are due by this meeting $30 individual/$50 couple. Checks payable to "Photography Club of Cape May."

Mike Keith “Photographing Cosmic Neighbors” Especially for our nighttime photographers and astro photographers.

Tell everyone to come and see how Mike manages to take such spectacular photographs of objects in outer space. Visit his website Cosmic Neighbors to see his amazing images. This will be an evening event because the images need to be particularly sharp to be effective.

This was an amazing photographic tour of the solar system, Milky Way and beyond. Mike's images and were spectacular and his descriptions of what he was showing and how he made the images were both informative and entertaining. Thanks Mike for coming to visit us in Cape May!

April 9th, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, Kevin Karlson “Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird and Nature Photography”

Thanks Kevin for a terrific and stimulating multimedia presentation focused on the elements air, earth, fire, and water. It was a reminder that indeed there's a "miracle in every molecule." And I love his musical choices! Kevin's book "Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird and Nature Photography” is available at Tina Giamo's shop on the mall on Carpenter Lane in Cape May.

May 7th, 8:30am-11:00am, Field Trip to Forsythe Wildlife Refuge (no regular club meeting at the clubhouse)

Meet at the picnic tables near the nature center building for Coffee and Donuts. Lunch later (Sandwich, chips, fruit, drink and cookie) at 11:00am. The Challenge: (1)Macro/Closeups and/or (2)Birds. Each participant is asked to send 2 to10 images from this shoot which will be put together into a slide show to be shared and enjoyed at a club meeting soon after. Not a requirement to participate in the field trip but a great opportunity to see Forsythe NWR thru others eyes and lenses. Please come and enjoy the camaraderie and learn or see something new! Here's a link with directions, maps and info Forsythe NWR. Let Dottie dottierogers2@gmail.com know you're coming so she can get enough food and if you need a ride or want to carpool. We'll try to get you there and back.

We had a very good turnout for our first ever Forsythe NWR shoot. The weather improved throughout the morning and we had the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of wildlife. Some great photos are already popping up on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing more at a club meeting in the Fall!

Postponed until the Fall May 21st, tentative, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, “Birds, Butterflies, and Dragonflies” with Peter Riley, Peter Riley Photography

May 29th, 7:30pm, East Point Lighthouse

We will have special access to the lighthouse and an opportunity to shoot from the lantern room as the sun sets. Then we will wait for the Full Moon to rise and enjoy the opportunity to shoot that scene to our hearts content! It’s nice to do this at this time of year because it is “BM”--Before Mosquito time and the timing of sunset and moonrise are more reasonable.

We had 11 people show up and it was really fun. Nancy PT is a wonderful hostess. She’s so knowledgeable and friendly and appreciates us as photographers who can get the word out about East Point. She invited us back. -On a starry night. Makes a huge difference when the shutters are open.

Late May or Early June - watch email and Facebook - dawn shoot when the birds return to the Rookery at Ocean City Visitor’s Center, and another visit when the nests are full….

June 4th, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, Olympus Visionary Frank T. Smith, Frank T. Smith Photography

We are very excited to have with us Frank Smith, Olympus Trailblazer and Olympus Visionary Team. Please join us for an exciting time and exciting talk. His topic will be:

Creative Elements of Architecture: Out with the rule book

As an avid traveler with an eye toward graphic elements, one of Frank’s favorite subject matters is architecture. Frank provides a very unique perspective through his lens of buildings - both old and new and is artful in his ability to capture the lines and details that are often not seen by the common passerby. Through in-camera techniques and post processing skills, Frank is able to show a new perspective - one that most people don’t see.

From his hometown with the old Bethlehem Steel Plant to the Taj Mahal in India, Frank captures the interior and exteriors of iconic sites including penitentiaries, urban decay projects as well as commercial projects on assignment. Frank’s extensive domestic and international travel has provided him with a unique opportunity to capture imagery.

In architecture there are basic rules and recommendations. Frank’s focus on the graphic elements of architecture means that he breaks the standard rules and creates his own unique artistic approach to architectural photography.

Follow Frank as he enlightens you on his unique approach in photographing architecture around the globe and see through his lens architecture when the standard rules don’t apply.

Check his website and ours for more information and some beautiful examples.

What a fun meeting Monday. Frank T. Smith wowed us with wonderful images showing architecture as he sees it through his artist's eyes. He is one of only 12 Olympic Visionaries, travels the world, and Bob Finlay noted he was the Keynote Speaker this year at the PSA National Conference. (And then he came to Cape May!

He said his clients used to want realistic and true to form pictures, but now they like more artistic work. So his creativity
goes to work composing and designing what he wants us to see. Interesting!-He uses Lightroom for 80/85% of his post processing. Post processing is major for him. And he uses a Fisheye lens often to get the effect he wants. The other thing that is special about Frank is that he is a genuinely nice person.
Thank you Frank!! for coming to Cape May and sharing your expertise and creative angle with our group!

June 14th, 7:00am, Ocean City Visitors Center. This is a great time to view and photograph the birds in their rookery adjacent to the OC Visitors Center which is on an island in Great Egg Harbor Bay. Easy parking and short walk or shoot from the deck. Anne Harlan suggested bringing a step stool to shoot over the fence.

July 18th, 1:00pm to 4:00pm, Clubhouse, Kevin Karlson will return to lead an indoor “Advanced Photography Workshop - Photography Tips and Pointers," including light awareness as Ansel Adams addressed it. Don't let the title scare you off! Kevin made it clear this workshop is for any level photographer with any kind of camera from point & shoot on up. You'l get individual attention and he will help us critique each other's photos to get the very best composition and exposure. Kevin has graciously asked participants for a $10 donation to the club in lieu of payment. Visit Kevin's website Kevin T. Karlson

July (an evening TBA - event is weather /cloud cover dependent) A visit to Mike Keith's Cosmic Neighbors telescope facility to see where and how he shoots the remarkable space photos he showed us back in March.

August 16 (or the first nice day that week), (low tide 6:26 and sunrise 6:13), "Buns on the Beach”, Avalon Fishing Pier

Meet at least half hour before dawn to catch the sunrise through the Pier. Bring a few props if you want to for post sunrise fun. I’ll bring a few really nice large shells, my colored glass balls and an umbrella. Possibly one of my large glass bottles. Maybe breakfast after the shoot. Be sure to bring your beach chair…

September 10, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Clubhouse, Richard Crossley, a premier naturalist and birding author will present. More details soon!

Still in the planning stage so stay tuned:

This summer, a Skimmer Boat photo trip for our group to shoot local inland waterways and wildlife in the marshlands.

And… later this year, a shoot with live models and a studio photographer to guide us.