Photography Club of Cape May Events for 2020

Updated 07/31/20

A number of events have been ***CANCELLED*** due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

We are scheduling ***ONLINE MEETINGS*** via Zoom every couple of weeks so please keep an eye on your email inbox. We've had speakers and photo shares so far and it's been a lot of fun.

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Here's the scheduled meeting and event dates for 2020. Small group meetings and shoots will be added as they evolve. Check back often for changes and additions. The calendar is updated frequently!

Check the Blog Page for more details. Watch for Dottie's HEADS UP! emails and check the Facebook page too. We also use Whats App for messaging events that are time sensitive.

If you have ideas or suggestions for activities, speakers or photo shoots for 2020, get them to Dottie.

January 6th 1:00pm Clubhouse

T&F Camera Shop

Topic: Lenses and Latest Trends in Equipment

*******Board meeting January 15th 5:00pm, 201 South Broadway

January 15th 6:00pm 201 South Broadway

Small Group: Focus Stacking for Landscapes

We will discuss an article written by Matt Meisenheimer from Backcountry Journeys, “Focus Stacking: A Useful Technique for Landscape Photography”. I’ll have some copies available, but you can bring your computer and follow along if you want. John Kapusnick will help in the discussion. If you have some pictures you want to use and try what is suggested, please feel free to bring them (meaning 3 or more pictures you want to focus stack.) This will be informal and we can all enjoy helping and learning. Article

February 3rd 1:00pm Clubhouse

Just Dew It! Fun Macro Dewdrop Photography Workshop

This will test your skills plus give you the reward of pleasing images. We’ll try our luck and look at what, where, and How to JUST DEW IT! We will work in groups of 3 or so and with the help of glycerin, make dew drops and photograph them and play with them. We’ll have small “frames” ready we’ll use to suspend dewdrops, and get close up and be creative to produce amazing images. We’ll work with standard lens, close focusing lenses, and macro. We’ll get close, closer and ultra close if you have a lens to do that. To do that you probably will need an extension tube, but whatever you have we’ll do it and have fun. You might Google Dew Drop Photography and bring lots of ideas you want to try and share with the group. I’ll have ideas from the article I read on the screen at the clubhouse and some printed copies as well. Anyone who cannot "dew" it on our daytime slot and wants to try it in the evening is welcome to come to my house, 201 South Broadway, on Thursday, February 6th 6:00pm and try it then as well. This should be fun!

Feb 19th, 6pm-8pm, 201 So Broadway, CM Board Meeting (cancelled)

PLEASE make sure your dues are up to date.
March meeting is the deadline.

March 2nd, 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Clubhouse, Kevin T. Karlson

Topic: Digital Nature/Wildlife Photography Workshop

We’ll have an hour or so of instruction and information, then a break, then time for critiques. He will be asking for 2-3 pictures on a memory stick for those who want to do that (The rest of us can look and listen and learn by example). He wants a before processing and after processing sample of what you do. We’ll talk about the changes and how you did it and he’ll guide us through a critique. Huge learning experience. But start thinking about it now. It sneaks up on you!! and takes some thought….and preparation… Do check out Kevin's photography and biography at his website here.

Please read this so you can be prepared for the meeting:

This is a note from Kevin about the workshop he will lead on March 2nd at the club 1:00pm-5:00pm:
Digital Nature/Wildlife Photography Workshop with critique session – 1 ¾ hours for instructional portion of workshop; ½ hour for snack break; 1 ¾ hour of critique of participants images
Total time for both portions of workshop: 4 hours

(This workshop is advanced in nature, so knowledge of your camera settings is required.)

Digital photography allows us to take our photography skills and techniques to higher levels, but many photographers disregard or do not know about basic lighting principles and compositional balance that all art forms rely upon. This workshop covers a number of topics that will elevate your photography knowledge and skills while increasing your artistic input. Flight and action techniques and exposure compensation on the fly using manual exposure are covered, as well as basic and advanced light awareness, synchronous panning, and compositional basics of balance and creative cropping. Wildlife and nature photography are emphasized, but any photography medium is allowed, including landscapes, people, travel, etc. Basic camera functions will not be discussed in this workshop.

Each participant is encouraged to bring 2-3 images for critique, plus the original file (reduced in size please) of each image prior to cropping and processing. Please downsize your images to below 1500 pixels at the highest dimension, and jpegs are requested. Please send you images in advance to Kevin at so that he can properly arrange them prior to the workshop. After Kevin critiques the first set of images, the participants are encouraged to critique the remaining images by saying how they would have processed the original image differently if it was theirs. This helps everyone to learn by sharing their thoughts, and Kevin will moderate the discussion. A lot of fun, and a lot of good instruction to be had.

***CANCELLED*** March 18th 6:00-8:00pm

Flower Shop Evening Photoshoot at Cape Winds Florist at 860 Broadway in West Cape May

Close Up/Macro Flowers this time. Lots of stations. We’ll move around and shoot the different flowers at each table. $5.00 pay that night. I/they don’t think this year we need to limit the number, I will ask for a head count so we have space and flowers for all.

***CANCELLED*** April 6th 1:00pm Clubhouse

Kenneth Hohing, Photography Professor

Topic: Street Photography in Camden; also possible local morning photowalk on Tues Apr 7 (details tbd)

Ken Hohing’s photography has been widely exhibited both in the United States and abroad. His work represents a continuing desire to investigate many societal taboos associated human behavior and with our ever-increasing disconnect with nature.

He is a recently retired member of the faculty in the Department of Fine Arts at Rutgers University Camden, where he directed the photography program and led International Studies tours abroad.

Hohing is a graduate of Rutgers University, Department of Fine Arts where he specialized in photography and printmaking. He also studied photography and photo design at the Johann Wolfgang Geothe University in Frankfurt and the Gasamthochschule in Kassel, Germany.

Read more about Picturing Camden Artist talk.pdf

***CANCELLED*** April 8th Super Moon Shoot possibly

***CANCELLED*** April (Mid Month, exact date tbd)

Field Trip to the Holland Ridge Farm Tulip Festival, Cream Ridge, NJ

($7 admission per person)

***ONLINE MEETING*** Weds. April 15, 7:00pm Zoom Meeting

Will Show and Discuss Pictures Provided by PCCM Members

Topic: “Even COVID19 Can’t Stop Spring”

All DPM Invited to attend. Read the April 9 Blog post here for more information.

***CANCELLED*** May 4th 1:00pm

Talk: E. David Luria from Washington Photo Safari

***CANCELLED*** May 5th (Time TBA)

Cape May Photo Safari with E. David Luria ($70 limit 12)

***ONLINE MEETING*** May 4th 7:00pm, Zoom Meeting

PCCM member and extraordinary bird photographer Rob Stambaugh will give a presentation on his techniques and gear. You'll have a chance to ask questions.

Thanks Rob for the wonderful presentation. Your photos are amazing and we all appreciate them and all the tips you gave to us.

***ONLINE MEETING*** Monday May 11, 6:30pm Zoom Meeting

Very Exciting news for Photography Club of Cape May!

Tony Sweet is offering a Remote Creative Presentation via Zoom. The topic will be Flower Photography and Close Up Artistry. This is a 90 minute workshop (plus or minus a few minutes because there will be time for questions)
Dues Paying Members will get a Zoom Invitation to join. We are limited to 50 people so email Dottie to reserve a spot.

Wednesday, May 27th, 7:00pm Next Zoom Meeting, by popular demand. Topic: Things that Move YOU.

June 1st All Day plus Lunch

Street Photography Photo Shoot/Field trip (by request)

Possible locations: Cape May Mall, Atlantic City, Philadelphia South Street or Penns Landing

June 26th, 7:30am Photo Shoot Ocean City Rookery

Some members are going to meet up at the OC Rookery on the 9th Ave causeway. Park in the Visitors Center parking lot. Bring a long lens and tripod if you have them and a footstool or milk case to see over the raining if you are not real tall.

***CANCELLED*** June 14th 1-3pm, Plans for our Photo Shoot at White Hill Mansion have gelled!

We have reserved 1:00pm to 3:00pm on June 14th for a photo shoot at White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro, NJ. There are 15 of us. We’ll plan to find a place to eat afterward and share our photos. You’ll love it.! When I went (2013) we were allowed to bring something you might want to include

in a picture. I took an antique duck decoy and a small, very old Teddy Bear that I captured in a few neat places. They fit in the antiquity and colors beautifully. Fun idea. I’m so excited!


**ONLINE MEETING***Wednesday, July 15th, 7:00pm Zoom Meeting, Photo Share

Due to popular demand, we'll be doing another photo share on the topic of "Nature." Pick a few of your favs taken recently or from your archive and email them to Dottie Rogers. Please be ready to say a few words about your photos. If you haven't done this before, this is not a judged event nor a photo critique. We are just enjoying each others photos and learning from one another so please bring your questions too.

***ONLINE EVENT*** Friend of the club Andrea Phox has invited us to a free Zoom meeting offered by the Long Branch Library that should be a real treat. Andrea is a wonderful presenter and photographer.

Topic: Cuba Re-Imagined: An Encore Presentation

Time: Jul 30, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 2002 6266

Password: 172791

***ONLINE MEETING*** Wednesday July 29th, 7:00pm Zoom Meeting, Photo Share

The topic is "Abstract or whatever Tickles Your Fancy." Email photos to Dottie or share your screen during the meeting.


August 6th at 10:00am, Watch your email for Zoom invitation and code 2 days before. Invite your friends. We have invited a couple of other clubs.

Mike Moats will present “The PROPERLY EQUIPPED MACRO PHOTOGRAPHER” to PCCM and clubs we invite via Zoom. Mike will also answer questions. Discount available for things he mentions.

The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer

Being a properly equipped macro photographer is not just about the equipment, but also equipping yourself with the how-to knowledge of macro photography. Mike will cover the most important equipment for macro photography, how to control depth of field, a little about composition, and subject matter.

Mike Moats is a international award winning full time pro macro photographer from Michigan. He is a Tamron Image Master, and his articles and images have been published in many photo magazines for over 15 years. He has a Macro Photo Club online with over 2,000 members, from 18 countries. Mike teaches workshops and speaks at photo conferences throughout the US. You can visit Mike's website here.

***POSTPONED*** August 3rd, Clubhouse, (TimeTBA)

Our own Ruth Kulisek and Brigitte Sherman will do a People Shoot! They will show us their process from beginning to end.

1 Vision
2 Location
3 Styling
4 Posing and Interaction with People
5 Camera Settings
6 Editing Suggestions
They will have models, toddlers to adults. All participants will have a chance to shoot. And they’ll end with posing the whole group attending for a group picture!

***ONLINE MEETING*** August 19th, 7:00pm, Zoom Meeting, Photo Share

The topic is "Shadow(s)." Email your photos to Dottie or be ready to share your screen if you would like to show or explain how you created your images.

August 24th, Monday, 6:00am, Dawn Shoot at Avalon Pier

This will be our first attempt to get together since the CV-19 pandemic started. The beach is usually empty of at this time of day so we should be able to find plenty of social distance. If you have any props you'ld like to audition, bring them along. Both low tide and dawn about 6:20. Best to be half hour early. Parking right there. More specific information closer to the date.

***ONLINE MEETING***September 23rd, Zoom Meeting, 7:00pm, Photo Share

Scavenger Hunt

The wildly popular Scavenger Hunt is back by popular demand! There will be no judges and no fabulous prizes but lots of great photos to please the eyes.

Must include at least 10 of the following items in your entry to Be Shown/Shared at Zoom Meeting. Bonus props those who get all 15! Get started soon!

1. Bike Part

2. Street Scene

3. Contrast

4. Curves/Circles

5. Eye Glasses

6. Flower Petals

7. Picture(s) in a Picture

8. Iridescent

9. Mood

10. Isolated

11. Peeling Paint

12. All in a Row

13. Tools

14. Old Building

15. Feather

The events listed below are very tentative so do check back and keep an eye on your email.

September 14th Clubhouse (Time TBA)

Bill Bader, Local Nature Photographer

October 5th 1:00pm Clubhouse

Speaker: Jack Mazzeo

Topic: Lighting Demonstration (his specialty)

October Follow up trip/photoshoot in Pine Barrens. (October may be better/leaves changing.)

November 2nd (Time TBA)

Jamie Konarski Davidson

December 7th 5:00pm Clubhouse

Pot Luck Dinner and Members Showcase