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Upcoming Events for 2018

Updated 12/13/17

Here's the scheduled meeting and event dates for the year. Small group meetings and shoots will be added as they evolve.

Check back for changes and additions and check the Blog Page for more details.

Watch for Dottie's HEADS UP! emails and check the Facebook page too.

Tentative List of 2018 Speakers and Activities January through June

Shoots, small group meetings, and workshops will be added as we wander through a new year together. Your input is welcome.

January 8, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, “Macro Focus Stacking” with Scott Wheaton We’ve had Macro workshops several winters, but Scott will take us steps beyond just snapping a photo. See what he does to make each image spectacular. He’ll ask several members to bring a macro lens, take some shots, and he’ll process these photos as well. Scott Wheaton on Flickr

January 10th, 12:00pm "Dine and Discuss!” Ham and Bean Soup for lunch (made from the ham we had at the Dec meeting-and frozen) Let’s discuss small group, workshop, and shoot ideas and how to meet the needs of our talented, enthusiastic, varied interests and membership needs. 201 South Broadway, CM.
January 17, 1:00pm, 201 South Broadway, CM. Small Group Macro Shoot, Topic: “Fruits and Vegetables"

January 18, 6:30pm, We’ve been invited by the Stay Focused Photo Club (Thanks Anne Harlan!) to a presentation they are giving at the Forsythe NWR Visitors Center entitled “Photographing Forsythe.” A panel will discuss the hows, whens, wheres and whats of capturing that beautiful area. For all levels of ability. It is at the Visitor Center Auditorium, 800 Great creek Road, Oceanville. There’s no charge.

February 5, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, Jamie Konarski Davidson New Life Photos Title: “Subject to Interpretation” Jamie says "As photographers and observers of life and the world around us, we all see and notice different things. We each have different impressions of subjects because of our life experiences as well as our knowledge of the tools we have available to us and our vision. When we make an image, we are putting in "the box" what speaks to us most clearly and loudly through our eyes, mind and heart. Everything, yes, everything, is subject to interpretation. In this program Jamie will share her vision and ways to grow and develop awareness and confidence in our individual ways of interpreting the world around us. She'll also provide some ideas on how to focus and be more intentional in the image-making process.”
Jamie may also lead a workshop related to her talk.

March 5th, 6:30pm, Clubhouse, Mike Keith “Photographing Cosmic Neighbors” Especially for our nighttime photographers and astro photographers. Tell everyone to come and see how he manages to take such spectacular photographs of objects in outer space. Visit his website Cosmic Neighbors to see his amazing images. This will be an evening event because the images need to be particularly sharp to be effective.

April 9th, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, Kevin Karlson “Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird and Nature Photography”
Kevin will also lead an indoor “Advanced Photography Workshop”- Photography Tips and Pointers, including light awareness as Ansel Adams addressed it. Kevin has also offered to lead a field trip (seriously!) perhaps with his wife who is a really good point and shoot photographer. I’m working on details. Visit Kevin's website Kevin T. Karlson

May 21st, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, “Birds, Butterflies, and Dragonflies” with Peter Riley, Peter Riley Photography

June 4th, Tentative, 1:00pm, Clubhouse, Olympus Visionary Frank T. Smith, Frank T. Smith Photography