Photography Club of Cape May

Events for 2024

Updated January 2nd, 2024

Here is what we have planned for the year so far. Small group meetings and shoots may be added as they evolve. PCCM has a new meeting place for small group activities. We are meeting the second Thursday of each month, 1-3:00pm at the Cape May Lutheran Church, 509 Pittsburg Ave., Cape May.

We have scheduled ***ONLINE MEETINGS*** via Zoom every month so please keep an eye on your email inbox and bookmark this page to keep up with the latest. We have some great speakers as well as photo shares and discussions about locations and photo techniques planned. The virtual meetings have been a lot of fun so get your Zoom software up to date and join in.

The general plan is to have a Speaker or Workshop each month with a followup/related workshop in person at the club or outside on a shoot, Sharing ZOOMs often, small group workshops on various topics like "How to…”, some Lightroom small group evenings, and some social events like going to the winery and shooting the ripe lovely purple and green grapes on the vine and having something to eat, etc.

Speakers and club activities are lined up thru December, 2024. Check back often for recent updates. Check our Facebook Group too. Check the Club Blog page for more details and changes.

If you have ideas or suggestions for activities, speakers or photo shoots for next year, get them to Dottie Rogers. It's never to early to book speakers and events for 2025!

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A reminder to update your contact information and pay 2024 dues. Please make your check ($30 individual, $50 per couple) out to Photography Club of Cape May and bring to our first meeting or send along with any changes in your contact information to:

Dottie Rogers

201 South Broadway

Cape May, NJ 08204

As promised, here is the outline of things we will do this year. We have a little wiggle room to add special Photo Ops as they occur. Come along for the ride! We do have fun and learn as we go!

Jan. 8th ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Todd Nettelhorst

Topic: The Joys of Macro Photography

Jan 11th, 1-3:00pm Workshop at the Lutheran Church

Topic: How to make Books Using Lightroom

Bring your computers and learn how John does it.

Feb. 5th ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Cathy Kuhlman

Topic: “Embrace the Magic-Adding Light and Layers in Camera”

Feb 8th 1-3:00pm Workshop at the Lutheran Church

Topic: Macro/Layers (practicing Todd Nettlehorst and Cathy Kuhlman”s

ideas and techniques)

10+ stations set up on tables, we’ll try each one, we’ll rotate.

March 4th ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: David des Rochers

Topic: Landscape Photography

Short Presentation- He’ll demonstrate techniques

and call for images to be submitted by members which he’ll comment on.

March 14, 1-3;00pm workshop at the Lutheran Church

April 8th ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Huibo Hou

Topic: Personal Expressive Black and White Landscape Photography

April 11, 1-3:00pm. Workshop at the Lutheran Church

April date TBA: 3 hour Private Photography Tour of Ellis Island Unrestored

Immigrant Hospital. $200 per person and must buy a ticket for the ferry.

Maximum 10 people. Members Only. Appropriate for all levels of ability.

Black and White images here will be amazing.

May 6th

Field Trip to Grounds for Sculpture

May 9th, 1-3 Workshop the Lutheran Church

June date TBA

Visit to Cape May Point Science Center- pictures inside historic building and garden

Picnic Lehigh Avenue platform

Lehigh Avenue Science Center and Beach Photo Shoot after picnic

June 13th, 1-3 Workshop at the Lutheran Church

July week of 15th

Cruise (Can’t reserve until the season opens this Spring)

Want to leave from Stone Harbor Wetlands Institute.

Includes Seeing nesting laughing gulls, osprey, skimmers it says…

July11 1-3:00pm Workshop at the Lutheran Church

August date TBA

Andrea Phox, in person walk/workshop

Topic and Place TBA

August 8th 1-3:00pm Workshop the Lutheran Church

September 9th ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Valerie Hoffman

Topic: Creating Images with Greater Impact

And later in the month

Sept 12th, 1-3:pm

In Person with Valerie- a Workshop practicing her ideas

I/2 Day $65 per person

Need 8 to 10 to participate for her to come

Oct. 2nd ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Cheryl Opperman

Topic: Sandhill Crane Program in New Mexico

(Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge)

Oct. 10th, 1-3:00pm Workshop at the Lutheran Church

Nov. 4th ZOOM 7:00pm

Speaker: Moose Peterson

Topic: Animals (More definitive when he provides it)

Nov 7th, 1-3:00pm Workshop at the Lutheran Church

Dec: Social we’ll figure out where and what we want to do now that we

have a new venue. They have a nice kitchen and super equipment for projection.

In the past we had pot luck dinner and showed 8 min (max) slideshows members

created, most often a scavenger hunt or themed slideshow. Not sure we can do

that at our new venue. We’ll see how that works out, now that we have a new very

nice, well equipped meeting space.